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January 2017

We made it to Philadelphia for round 2 of radiation. He has 3 long days of doctor appointments and tests. Today starts off these 3 long days with an ultrasound of his neck, a blood test, an ekg, and an echo. It will be a full 8 hour day or more at CHOP. Tomorrow brings more tests and appointments and Thursday is the day he will do the radiation. After Thursday, we get to lay low for a few days so he can rest During this period we have to keep our distance from him because he is radioactive, so no cuddling, he's okay with that though. 😉 We are staying in Atlantic City, so we will try to fit in some fun things for him and Saturday is the day that he resumes a normal diet. He is looking forward to some East Coast pizza! Alex is handling everything really well although I know he isn't looking forward to the body scan. His boundless energy and smile is keeping me and Dave going through our exhaustion. That and coffee. I will update as we know results of his tests in the meantime, please continue to pray that this is the last time Alex will need treatment to cure his body of cancer.