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The new year started out great, until January fourth when I found a small dimple and small lump on my right breast. Within days I was in the doctors office. A few days la[...] read about page

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October 4, 2016 - A lot of work ahead

had kind of a melt down yesterday - met with the radiologist oncologist and the medical oncologist - I have a lot of work ahead of me. In a week or two I start physical therapy so that I can get my right arm back over my head again - I will have to keep my arm at a right angle over my head for 15 minutes while radiation is being administered. I can not start radiation until that is accomplished.

The radiologist oncologist told me two things I had not expected to hear, one I will be pretty fatigued from radiation - which will happen at 8am and again at 2:30 daily Monday - Friday for 4 weeks;
and two I have a 40% chance of a cancer returning in the form of bone cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, etc . . . . cancer, within 2 to 3 years, because I had an Incomplete Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy. That means that only 95% of the tumor (The tumor bed measured 9.5 x 7.0 cm) was killed and 15 out of the 32 lymph nodes were still cancerous, the largest 2cm.

The medical oncologist offered me a clinical trail for a vaccine for women like me that had an incomplete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and are triple negative (which I am triple negative) You can google triple negative and it will explain what it is - - anyway she is putting my name in to see if I qualify for the clinical trial.
Also there is another chemotherapy program out there that the doctor explained to me - if I'm interested after radiation I am to let her know. It is a program outside of the hospital (experimental) but she wanted to let me know - for me to do research - and make an informed decision about my healthcare. I have said previously I never want to go through chemo again - never say never.

All of the doctors I have seen think my breast surgeon did a great job and the radiologist oncologist stated she has never seen a breast surgeon get that many lymph nodes removed. I still have a drain in me, draining the fluid off of my surgical site; looks like it will stay in another week or two. I hurt more now than I did after the surgery. I am sure that will improve slowly. I asked my medical oncologist to look into a Heart Healthy program offered by one of the doctors through MD Anderson for patients who have gone through chemo for breast cancer which I am interested in knowing more about.

My decision now is do I become a super health freak; super healthy eating, super healthy exercise etc....... in hopes the cancer does not come back or say fuck it - and keep on keeping on and enjoy my life. I suppose like everything there is a balance between both. After all I have a 60% chance it won't come back within 3 years. If I am cancer free at the five year mark - then I am home free. Then only thing I would have to worry about then is getting hit by a truck or an active shooter! lol! As I have said for years and years folks - life is life - just that - nothing more nothing less - it is just life.