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Byard Bridge III

Byard was diagnosed with testicular choriocarcinoma on August 18th, 2015. This is a website we've created where Byard's story will be updated as we go along this journey[...] read about page

Latest journal entry

Seriously Cancer ?! ... Continued

Can anyone believe it's already the holiday season? When I was little I hated how slowly time passed and my father assured me to try to enjoy life and relax because as you get older it passes so quickly. And here I am holding on to every moment ... there never feels like enough time. Sometimes I find myself pausing to take in deep breaths as if that will slow everything down. If you could pause your day what would you do more of? If there is anything to remind me how fleeting each moment is, it's Baby Byard. He is growing so quickly... one moment he's struggling to move around on the floor and then the next he's almost sitting up. But he also reminds me of how absolutely wonderful life is. Amidst all this pain and fear that we face, we have a shining light brightening our days. 

This week has been tough. On Monday we received some not so great news that Byard's cancer is progressing in his lungs and abdomen, so he will start a different type of chemo on Monday. Luckily what was in the brain and liver look stable. We have been in touch with Dr Einhorn in Indiana and will be meeting with a specialist at Sloan Kettering in NYC to talk about their available clinical trials.

For now we are taking it all one day at a time, staying positive, and we are very much looking forward to celebrating the holidays!

Wishing you all lots of love,