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Cars, Trucks, Trains.....and Cancer

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Latest journal entry

The Day Before

Today is the Day Before. I hate the Day Before. The Day Before is almost worse that the actual Day. You know what to expect when it's the Day Before and you walk around all day with a knot in your stomach because you know your child is going to start crying tonight when he realizes he has to go back into the hospital for chemo the next day. You know you won't get kisses from your fur babies for 6 days, you know you won't sleep for 6 days and you know without a doubt that your child really has cancer when it's the Day Before. We are headed into the hospital tomorrow for Methotrexate. It took a really long time for Conner to clear during our last Methotrexate stay so it was very emotional and really hard on everyone. He was receiving fluids to flush the chemo out at a higher rate than usual and the chemo still didn't want to leave this kidneys. It was frustrating. Being in the hospital just stinks, no matter how hard they try to make it fun and take the kids' minds off why they are there, being in the hospital is depressing and boring and emotionally and physically exhausting. We live for the days when the pet therapy dogs come by to love on us. Sadie visited us last week and as you can see, she loves to take a nap with Conner. In fact, Sadie was taking up the whole bed and Conner had no room for his legs. Marcia is one of our angels on Earth. I really can't even begin to tell you how amazing this woman is and how much she loves the kids she cares for at Brenner's. She will do anything for them. Her and Conner have a love/hate relationship. This is the first person he has ever hugged in the hospital and it was because she went out of her way (as always) to try to make it better for him last time. Conner bought a trick pen to take with us this time. It "shocks" the person when they try to write with it and he bought it just for Marcia! See love/hate

After we got home last week, Creature Teacher came to see us with Penny, the ball python. For those of you who don't know, I am terrified of snakes. My dad, Grandpa Jim, is terrified of snakes so I get it honest. Dr. Buckley asked that we not have contact with reptiles due to the risk of salmonella so I thought I was free and clear from ever meeting Penny. Conner had met Penny before and really, really wanted her to come over for a visit so he took it upon himself to ask Dr. Buckley if Penny could come over if his counts were up and he washed his hands after petting her. Unfortunately for me, Dr. Buckley said yes. As you can see, Penny loved my couch and tried to hide under all my pillows. I am sure you can also see that I took these pictures from way across the room; there are no close-up shots of Penny. I thought shaving my head was true love, I was wrong, Penny visiting our home shows my unconditional love for my child. 

After this Methotrexate treatment, we will be home for about two weeks. We are going to Cleveland Clinic on November 2nd to meet with Dr. Pete Anderson. Dr. Anderson is an osteosarcoma specialist and an "out of the box thinker." I have been following Dr. Anderson and his treatment of a patient that is Conner's age with a similar (maybe same) diagnosis. When we get back, I will have more details to share, but I am praying Dr. Anderson's treatment options will help Conner and give him local control of the tumor sites. After Cleveland Clinic, we get to go to Lego Land for our Make a Wish trip! We have a countdown chain (thank you Mrs. Gram and Z) and we are getting closer to our departure date! 

We just found out that Mrs. MC at school has breast cancer. Our heart is so sad. We just hate cancer so much. It select you at random and tries to take away everything that is important to you. It tries to kill you spirit, steal your hope and break your heart. It tries, but it CAN'T and we won't let it! Please join us in praying for Mrs. MC and her family. We understand what she is going through and we will be thinking of her everyday. 

We love you all and we appreciate your continued support and prayers. Keep Conner in your thoughts this weekend and next week. Pray for all the kids fighting cancer. Peace, Courage, Patience. 

Casey, Bryan and Conner