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Cindy Lu

We will be posting updates and prayer requests for Cindy Lu as she battles Stage III ovarian cancer. read about page

Latest journal entry

Gamma Knife

Terri, Jessica, Levi and I visited the radiologist for a lengthy orientation. It was so informative. But before I get ahead of myself, best give you some update on how all this came about.

Before Thanksgiving I began to have gut aches (fullness, early satiety, and cramping). Long story a little short, labs were run and a CT-scan performed. Lab was elevated to 42 (normal range <30). CT-scan showed several nodes in my abdomen, with four in my lungs, and a lymph node in the lower right that was suspect. The size of them did not warrant alarm in and of themselves.

Along with the stomach stuff, I started having some weird things happen. First I noticed that my right foot dragged a little (I started tripping on the stairs – thankfully I have my cat-like reflexes and never fell). Then driving – ARRR – I kept hitting the curb whenever I turned right, which progressed to running over the curb. Parking was another issue. I have always taken pride in my typing and texting skills. Got to the point I had to hunt and peck a simple sentence. Lastly, writing was affected. I would have to concentrate on each letter. By the time I completed two to three words, my print was so small I could not make it out.

During my follow up with the oncologist, I explained all this. One cause could have been a new medication for neuropathy. The oncologist had to rule-out something neurological so she ordered an MRI. MRI showed the cancer metastases to the left-side of my brain. There are three lesions, the largest about one inch.

I will have radiation via Gamma Knife, January 19. If you get a chance to look into it – it is so cool. It is a same day procedure – I will be home in the evening. Hopefully, this will be it. The radiologist made mention that this may be the only cancer I have and the problems I am having with the stomach, are due to neurological. Prayerfully, I will make a full recovery.

As far as cancer monitoring, I will have a repeat lab and CT-scan in a few weeks. We will take it from there. So may end up doing one more course of chemotherapy. I will have repeat MRIs every three months for the rest of my life. After the Gamma Knife, the goal is lesions: remain same, get smaller, or gone.

God continually shows me – He is the Sovereign and I am not. My nature is one of a control freak, so to continually surrender this to Him, takes continued surrender.

Prayer request:
Gamma Knife - Thursday, January 19. I would be able to handle the discomfort of the frame placement – it is like putting a vice-grip on my skull. That this will be the only form of cancer I have and my next lab and CT-scan with will back to normal. Future MRI will be within normal limits.