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My Journey thru Transplant from Myeloma

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Latest journal entry

42 days since transplant

Finally getting back to my old self. Getting stronger every day and able to walk farther every day.  Able to fix myself something in the kitchen, which i know Scott has been waiting for.  He has been a trooper.

My doctor said from my bloodtests that he thinks i am in complete remission, he cant be sure until my bone marrow test on nov 2nd.  But i think he knows what to look for and wouldnt have mentioned it if he wasnt pretty sure.

Free of tests and doctors until Nov 2nd, yeah.

I have been very lucky, every test and treatment i have had has yielded the best possible results.  Partly i think because we caught it within 8 months and because of the aggressive treatment by my doctor. Some people get no results from the transplant, going thru all this and having no change would be horrible.