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My Journey thru Transplant from Myeloma

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Gal Bladder Removed Today

Went pretty good, once we changed pain drug.  They did laproscopic surgery (4 small holes in my belly area), which is much better than having to be cut open.  They also took a liver biopsy, while they were in there.  

But, they did some kind of die test that showed the bile duct being blocked by at least 2 gal bladder stones.

Yesterday 3 surgeons told me there was a bile duct blockage, which the GI (Gastro Specialists) would need to put me out, and insert a scope with a special tool to remove the blockage.  The GI doctor came in and said that there was no blockage.  Then because my blood work is showing drastically elevated liver enzymes, we need to find out why.  1st thing they look for is blockage, 2nd thing is Latrinsic Liver Disease. (Not even going to look this up).  He had them take 7 more vials of blood to test for this, results in 2 to 3 days.  Scaring me to death.

So, when GI doc came in to tell me about removing the blockage at 1 tomorrow, I said "The blockage that wasn't there?".  He says it wasn't there.  We think while removing Gal Bladder some stones fell in to duct.

Who do you believe?  I am going with the surgeons, the blockage is what has elevated my liver enzymes-and I'm sticking to it.  The blood test results in a couple days will tell if I am wrong.

As long as scope goes as planned, and nothing else goes awry , I will get to go home tomorrow.  We all know how well things going as planned, has worked for me.  So, I am not holding my breath, just praying and letting God know- I really, really need a break.

Had me a little pity party and then this happened.  The nurses assistant fixed me some beef broth at 4 when I got back to my room, was starving by then.  They leave and I start on the broth.  It tastes like coffee to me.  A lot of things that I eat, don't taste right: bread and flour produts taste like paper, etc. 30 more days and things are supposed to taste rigjt.  So, I keep on with the broth- like a trouper, knowing that my body needs nutrition.  Half way thru broth, assistant came in and asked if the broth was ok.  I said it tastes to me, because of chemos, like coffee.  She said, it is coffee.  I was making you chicken broth when I realized it.  I had to laugh and got her laughing, which you really don't want to do with 4 fresh holes in your belly.  Made her feel better and got me emotionly back to where I needed to be.

I have rambled enough; and HOW WAS YOUR DAY?