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Debbie's Page of Hope

Welcoming prayers and positive comments! Please keep Debbie in your prayers as she fights her recent diagnosis of stomach cancer. Psalm 16:8. read about page

Latest journal entry

Admitted again

We haven't had to update too much lately since things have been going smoothly at home. I've been gradually trying to eat soft foods and the surgical site is almost completely healed so things have been great!

Unfortunately at the clinic today they found the tumor is causing a slow bleed so I have to stay at the hospital a couple of nights. I will get another scope (EGD) procedure that will look at the bleed and cauterize it at the same time- hopefully tomorrow morning. Please be in prayer that the procedure goes smoothly and with no complications. Also please be in prayer that I get to come home soon after the procedure!  

This means I have to postpone the chemo until next Tuesday so pray I get back on that asap since I've been doing so well with it the last 2 weeks. Thanks and love you all!