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Updates for friends and family as Marcia undergoes her autologous stem cell transplant and continues to battle her Multiple Myeloma cancer read about page

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Morning! Wanted to share a few pictures from Monday, when Mom decided to get ahead of it and buzz her hair. The Dr recommended that she do this so that it's on her own terms and the initial shock will pass before her hair actually starts to fall out. Paul and I met mom up at the salon and we went for it! We had wine, made sure Mom had makeup and lipstick on, got her some snazzy earrings, and away we went. I asked the stylist if we could have a little fun with it and do a mo-hawk before buzzing all of it off, of course Mom was on board! We decided it was best if she didn't look until it was all done. When we turned her chair around, she was certainly shocked, but didn't expect to actually like it! Paul and I were raving over it because with a smile like hers, she can certainly pull it off! Under the crappy circumstances, we are certainly making some crazy memories :)