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Greg Miller

March 2016, Greg was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple Myeloma. This site is an update on his progress. read about page

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AirMiles pending expiration this Dec 31st 2016 and every quarter after that now coming into effect!

Many are still not aware that AirMiles has implemented an expiration on your rewards now. Once the points are at the 5 year vintage, they start deleting them every quarter and you lose them! I would encourage you if you're a collector, to go to the AirMiles website ( and put in a request for a statement, which takes several days to get emailed back to you. Then you'll see where things are at.

AirMiles offers a transfer program where a person can transfer to another, however, you have to spend 15 cents/mile to do so, which makes it pointless, as the transfer cost is just like buying the air plane ticket outright. IE. 8200 points to go to Hawaii if someone transferred that amount to us x 15 cents/mile transfer fee = $1230.00 This is pretty much what a peak season return air fare is, so there's no benefit to transfer, just a big cost.

If someone has the points and isn't going to use them prior to expiration and would like to help us, the best option would be to put the points towards a ticket in our name, which would avoid wasting money on the transfer fees. Just a thought. Regardless, whether you as a collector contribute to our effort or not, please request a statement of your expiration dates so you don't lose them without knowing. There is a chance you could trade your points for a coffee maker or some other gift you might find on the AirMiles site. That's a whole lot better than just losing them and letting AirMiles grab your cash value they've been sitting on.