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Alive & Kicking

Lordy where did the summer go? Can't believe it's been 2 1/2 months since I last updated.  I suppose though if I ever wanted time to fly it's now.  So then I had just finished 4 of 12 chemo treatments, this week I just finished round 10. Woo hoo double digits!  Apparently I am doing shockingly well or have a high tolerance for torture.  At one of my treatments a drop of liquid from the IV tube landed on my arm and the nurse immediately said "Ohmygosh I'm sorry but don't freak out, it's only saline! Patients freak out because the chemo is so toxic it's not supposed to get on your skin."   Really people? If you're worried about what a drop will do to my leathery old skin WHAT THE HELL is it doing to my soft pink insides?!? 

I had a CT scan at the 1/2 point thru chemo (3 months in) and I wasn't real thrilled with the results, which were no change at all.  If anything the affected lymph nodes were slightly bigger.  The tumor itself is gone after surgery obviously, and the cancer hadn't spread to any other organs, but those lymph nodes are being stubborn.  I'll get a PET scan (better test) at the end of chemo (mid October) and that'll determine what comes next.  The chemo combo I am on is "too harsh" to continue any longer after that, but my Doc will present my case at a Tumor Board meeting and new recommendations will emerge. Stay tuned!