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Journey to Recovery

This site is for friends and family who want to remain updated on Denise's recovery from what began as Acute Pancreatitis in 2014. Her most recent medical adventure invol[...] read about page

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Moving forward...

A quick update for everyone. And quick is good! Mom has been enjoying big steps forward and good reports from Dr. Galloway and his team over the last week since moving to a regular room. Each day has brought the removal of medications and drains and tweaks to her care that are all steps towards more freedom.

The wound care nurses and Dr. Galloway are pleased with how her incision is healing and her skin is responding. There is a small area that will need a skin graft, but that was expected. That it is such a small area is amazing, given that the incision is so large and was through skin grafted in January. Just amazing. They are going to give her growth hormone to help complete this healing as well. As we approach a year in November when the infection struck, we are amazed and thankful for the miraculous healing. Truly miraculous. 

There is still much healing to be done, but we can see the progress. Mom started clear liquids at the end of last week. She doesn't have much of an appetite, so that's the biggest challenge to overcome. She's been doing regular occupational and physical therapy, too.

Mark returned to work this week, so that's a big step in return to normalcy. We are thankful for wonderful family that have come a stayed with mom while Mark is away and keeping Mom company. We expect to welcome another grandson into the family in another week or so....quite a busy fall for the Cameron family, but we are thankful healing is the theme!

Thank you all - 

Allison for Mark, Ross, RB3, and baby boy #2