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Lame Lyme Time

A blog to track my trip to the dark Lymeland and a quest to be a normal person once again. This is no easy journey, even for the strongest knight in all the realm. For to[...] read about page

Latest journal entry


I hate sitting around the house doing nothing. It makes me feel terribly bored and helpless. Sleeping and talking is about all I can do at this point. The hobbies that I used to enjoy now take too much work to do. Last weekend, I rode for about 30 minutes and jumped 2ft. and it took everything out of me. I had to get off because I was afraid I would fall off becuase of feeling dizzy. That was very humbling. Being strong enough to go on 10 mile trail rides and jumping three to four feet regularly is normal. The new normal is that I'm lucky to even get on a horse once a week. 

I love good, hard work. I'm always the first to offer to help out anyone. I went from having three jobs last year to not working at all this year. That is very difficult for me. 

No travel is the hardest for me. I really have no idea when I will be able to go out of the state (much less the country) again. I'm really hoping by summer I will be good to travel again, but I really don't know. It's pretty dissapointing. 

So...I guess I can only wait to heal and pray for people.