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Stacey Troxell - overcoming obstacles

Showing everyone that no matter what life throws at you, everyone is strong in their own way to tackle things thrown in front of them

Youth Outdoors Unlimited - Youth Outdoors Unlimited

Youth Outdoors Unlimited, Y.O.U., is a Central Washington based, non-profit corporation organized to take youth who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and/or physical disability and who have a DREAM to hunt or fish on their own outdoor adventure.

Susan Bolinder - We have this hope...

Susan/Mom/Gramma's cancer journey...come here for updates along the way.

Eric Josephson - Eric's Home Page

Our dad, Eric Josephson has been a friend and Pastor to many of you, for others he has been a loved family member, youngest member of the original Josephson gang. Eric’s health is failing and if you would like to share any message, memories, funny stories or pictures, now would be a good time. He struggles to communicate in more than a word or two, however Mom reads to him daily and anything posted would be relayed directly to him. Feel free to forward the link to this site with other friends and family. We will keep this site updated on his condition. Eric & Esther reside at Covenant Shores in Mercer Island, WA, however currently are living with daughter Lynn Tungseth and her husband Keith in Seattle for additional aide and hospice care. He has been on hospice twice before and beaten it, tough old Swede, but this time, sadly we don’t foresee that happening. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.

Terry Bresnahan - Terry Kicks cancer's Butt

An easy way for everyone to stay informed while Terry destroys this thing called cancer.

Rachel White - Rachel White

This site was designed with LOVE, as a way for friends and family to follow Rachel's progress! We thought this was a great way to connect with loved ones, and a way for people to leave words of encouragement during this stressful time. We hope this will be a VERY short stay, but we are putting our hope and trust in the Lord, and in the doctors and nurses that are caring for Rachel. It has been medically proven, that if our minds are well, our bodies will heal!

Joette Haines - Joey Haines

Thank you for your overwhelming care and concern for Joey. As you know the past few months have been extremely hard on her health-wise. The intent of this site to keep everyone updated. We can never thank you enough for your prayers and positive thoughts. It truly takes a village. ~ Joey & Gene ~

Min Park - Min's Epic Battle

Thanks for visiting Min's PostHope site. Life has been very hectic for the last few months, so I'm creating this site to keep all of our wonderful family and friends who are always wondering how Min is doing as up to date as possible. Thanks for all the love!

Hunter Kerby - HuntersHeroes

In March of 2014 Hunter was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma a rare form of bone cancer. He immediately started 9 months of chemo as well as radiation.

Grace Efurd - Graceful Living: Grace Efurd

We created this site to connect with family and friends to share information about Mom's cancer journey. Since her diagnosis in September 2013 we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, concern, and prayers for Mom and have been so appreciative of the cards, letters, phone calls, emails and visits. We hope that this site will provide a way for folks to have a deeper connection to mom and her journey and to each other. We will post updates, photos and information on important dates/event. We encourage you to post your thoughts, photos and comments. -- Laura & Steve

Katie Leadbetter - #teamklb

Here you will find info about my journey with breast cancer. #teamklb #fuckcancer #stayingpositive

Rachel Wetzel - Que Vida!

This is an open communication forum for my friends and family so that we can all understand and discuss my cancer.

Andrei - besttechnology

best technology

Ishu Gems - Ethnic and Couture Jewelry Collection

We "ISHUGEMS" are Manufacture and Wholesale Supplier of all type of precious, semiprecious stones and Beads.

Team Sue Loves You - Team Sue Loves You

Hello there! I'd like to share my journey with you about my recent diagnosis with cancer. Stay tuned for information about my progress as I battle this nasty invasion.

Deb Brunlle - NET Journey

I was diagnosed with a neuro endocrine tumor in the small bowel. Will use this page to keep everyone updated on my next step of the journey.

Audrey - Tales of the Heart

Updates on Audrey and her heart surgery

Cohen Stedman - Team CoCo

Follow Cohen and our family through this journey with updates, information & pictures.

Aiden Kemp - Aiden's Journey

This site is dedicated to Aiden Kemp's healing from transverse myelitis. Please see the "Sticky" topics below labeled "Welcome" and "What Happened?" for more information.

Gary Carey - Strikeout Cancer #7

Provide information to family and friends

Stephanie Bryan - Stephanie's Journey

Stephanie is just beginning her journey. This site will be a way to share what we know and a place her family and friends can share words of encouragement, joy and normalcy with her.

Bryan Secrest - Blessings for Bryan Secest

Our father, Bryan Secrest, is scheduled to undergo Open Heart Surgery on the morning of May 5, 2014. He is a loving father of 6 kids, and 2 grandchildren. He is a hard working, and caring father who puts his family before himself. We have created this page for donations to cover medical bills & any other expenses due to being in the hospital , we also know that he will be out of work for at least 8 weeks due to the surgery . Also we encourage positive words & prayers as well . Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story of our father . May God bless you & your family .

Victor Padilla - Our Super Hero Victor

This is Victor's life story..... We are trying to raise awareness for his rare syndrome and give hope to ourselves and others.

Doug Devine - Doug Devine

On March 14th 2008 I had a siezure while driving truck, by God's Grace I was able to get pulled over and nobody got hurt. I was soon diagnosed with two brain tumors one about the size of a tennis ball. It's called stage four glioblastoma multi- forme. On March 18th I had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. Then I started radiation and chemotherapy treatments shortly after surgery. This site is to keep people updated on my condition and offer an easy way for people to help financially if they so desire.

Eavu - Eavu

Event photography Sydney is available to make cheerfuller people.

Trimurty Builders - Leading Builders in Jaipur

Trimurty builders Pvt Ltd. is leading real estate builders headquartered in Jaipur, India. For over three decades now Trimurty builders Pvt Ltd. has established themselves as the trusted name behind the best real estate properties in Jaipur.

Chris Muncy - Health4Chris

Chris will be undergoing neurological surgery for a mass, recently found, which is pressing on his brain.

Katie Greenfelder - Katie Greenfelder

A safe place for Katie to update all of her friends and family about her current health status. A place for all of Katie's loved ones to send her love, support, prayers and words of encouragement.

Chris R - A Community of Caring

This is the blog that we hope will help us to keep friends and family updated on Chris's status. Your words of support and caring mean so very much to us.

Thomas and Linda Ross - Home for Tom

On March 20th, Tom's world as he knew it, came crashing to the ground. His wife, of 48 years, passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack. She died at home in his arms. On March 26th, the day of his wife's service, he was in a terrible car accident. He is now in a nursing home for at least 3 months, with a broken pelvic bone, 5 broken ribs, and a slight concussion. He underwent a 6 hour surgery to rebuild his pelvic bone. The bone has to heal before they can perform total hip replacement surgery. Meanwhile, Tom cannot afford to live in their home anymore. Our goal is to add on to his son's, Tom Jr.'s home. Tom Jr. had purchased a piece of ground with a foundation on it in the hopes that after it was paid off, he could build a home. He has two years until it will be paid for. He currently lives in that foundation. The purpose of this site is to hopefully raise enough money for Tom Jr to build his home, and have Tom Sr stay in that foundation for as long as he needs.

Wendy Hudson - Wendy Hudson

On February 21, 2014 I had what I thought was a routine appendectomy, on March 4, 2014 I was told I had appendix cancer. At that moment my life changed and I am using this site to inform my friends and family on updates.

Douglas Mahon - Doug's Recovery :o)

This site will keep all Doug's dear ones informed of his whereabouts and his ongoing progress, and give you all the opportunity to send him love and support.

Kevin Forman - Updates

I will use this site to update on Kevin's progress. Thank you to everyone for their love and support!

Joy Rodriguez - Joy's Health

This site is a tool to help support Joy in her recovery process.

Forex Camping - Forex Camping

Forex Introduction for the novice traders. A complete guide for beginners of world’s most liquid market. Become an expert with forex camping where you grow to win.

Adam Stern - Noah & Benjamin celebrate the life of their dad

Welcome. We've set up this site to give friends, family, colleagues and well-wishers an opportunity to reach out and leave messages, comments, pictures and posts about Adam Stern who passed away peacefully on March 14, 2014 after a losing his battle with colon cancer. Adam was a devoted father and husband. His sons, Noah and Benjamin hope you will share stories, memories, jokes and tales of Adam in celebration of a life well-lived. Noah, Benjamin and Adam's wife, Denise Harmon, deeply appreciate your support during this difficult time. Thank you for your very kind gift of joyful memories. Good-bye, dear Adam, you were taken far too soon, but you live in our hearts forever.

Guman Group - Guman Group

Developers of residential flats, apartment property in jaipur.

Judson Dimitry - Judson's Fight

Colleen and I created this blog to help communicate updates on Judson's status as we go through this long arduous fight with leukemia. Judson was diagnosed with Standard Risk Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on January 25, 2014. He has since completed his first phase of treatment and the doctors considered him in remission on February 21, 2014. We feel so lucky and blessed that his body is responding so well to treatment and can only hope that it continues in this lengthy fight.

John McMahan - John McMahan

This is a forum for family and friends to post updates and send messages to John while he is recovering.

Lisa Chacon - A Pain in the Neck

Lisa is scheduled to have 3 cervical fusions on Thursday, March 6, at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. This will be Lisa's third neck surgery for degenerative disc disease. With two young daughters, life seems to fall apart when Mommy can't do her job! This site is intended to share information about Lisa's progress, and offer a way to coordinate the countless offers of help we have received from friends and family. Thank you (a million times!!!) to everyone who has offered to bring a dinner, host a playdate, give our girls a ride, and more. The Chacon Family

Annie McVay - Conquering Chronic Illness

As a chronically ill child, teenager, and now adult, I have experienced God work wonders through unfortunate situations. This is my story. I pray that His Power made perfect in my weakness will be evident, and instill praise in every heart.

Lance Parker - LanceParker

Fighting Cancer

Daniel Lopez - Daniel Lark Lopez

This site is to keep friends and family informed of Daniel Lopez's progress (he has a type of cancer called Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, diagnosed end of Jan 2014).

Ally Rankin - Ally Cat

Ally was in car accident this week. She's in an induced coma while her body heals. It's too soon to tell the extent of her brain injury.

ArchAcademy - Arch Academy of Design

Arch academy is a stage, where one can create a base to build up his/her career in fashion designing, jewellery designing, textile designing, interior designing and designing management.

Laura Hewett - Laura's Journey

Look here for updates on Laura's recovery from her rock wall climbing adventure.

Emma Morgan - Though she be but little, she is fierce

Emma has a 13q34 chromosomal disorder, autism, brain damage from birth and resulting cerebral palsy. This website will be our main method of communicating her progression to you all.

Jon Lilley - Jon Lilley's Recovery Journey

As we continue to update so many of you on Jon's condition, we thought the use of this site might make it easier to update everyone, at once, on his progress. Jon looks forward to your visits, calls, prayers, etc. We appreciate all of you that have contacted us, prayed for Jon, and truly appreciate all of your concern. Jon is facing a long recovery, but with the support of so many friends and family, we know he will recover fully! If you want to contact his family, you can post a message to them here. They will be facilitating the site and showing him your messages!

Evelyn Revette - Team Spirit

Updates on treatments, how she is feeling and to let friends and family give words of encouragement.

Lisa Lavier - Lisa Lavier

January 8, 2014, Lisa was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Since then our family has been absolutely overwhelmed with the love and support of our friends, family, and church family. We will do our best to post updates on Lisa's progress on her journey to healing! We love you all and again thank you for the incredible love and support you have shown Lisa and our family! GOD BLESS!