Some recent sites
Paayas Milk - Paayas Milk

Paayas is a milk producer company in India that provides high quality healthy milk.

John D - Standing-Together

Updates for family and friends

Kyle Kubik - Hope for Kyle

Kyle suffers from rare hereditary chronic pancreatitis. He has suffered from this debilitating disease for 12 years. Recently his symptoms have become increasingly worse and we are pursing a multiple organ removal and cell transplant to bring relief and give him a better quality of life.

Research Paper - Research Paper

Research Paper

Lonny Hardman - lonnyridesforhislife

daily bulletins on Lonny's progress from University of Utah MICU to rehab for rare disease purpura fulminans

sunlove - highqualitybuy blog

highqualitybuy is a online store,offer high quality and cheap products ,share more discount products and fancy something for you !!!

Ken Weber - Ken Weber

Updates and news for the friends and family of Ken Weber.

lloyd lee - pipe and drape wholesale

we are professional event equipment manufacturer

Evan - Evan the Phighter!

Updates on Evan's fight with pulmonary hypertension (PH) are shared on this page.

Gemstone - Jewelexi - Unleashing the Beauty of Gemstones

Jewelexi is the only perfect end for eminent Sterling Silver Jewelry, whose headquarters is in Aurora IL. After giving our glistening 9 years in jewelry sector we bestow ourselves in order to get the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. Since 2005 our accomplished transactions have crossed the figure of 9 Hundred Thousand. Our main aim is to offers the best jewelry products to our regulars. For this we travel all through this world, witness popular shows of jewelry and also procure from the small merchants to provide the top quality jewels for our valued customers. Moreover, we buy some stock from numerous places which includes Mexico, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand and Turkey. In fact most of our precious jewel items are designed in USA, as we dedicate ourselves to the latest and creative designs for our customers. Our artists in USA foster the jewel pieces by applying their perfect innovative and astounding designing ideas. We are quite predictable on all the social media sites because of our experts who are specialized in all the aspects related to jewelry business. In addition our connoisseurs are developing a bank of facts like almanac for gemstones, astrology and more at On eBay, we have our branded jewelry store named, JEWELEXI. The fine chain of products, Jewelexi Inc’s and effective attempt put forwards an extra value to our esteemed customers as well as to our end-users.

Bestessay Writer - BestessayWriter


Jee Jee - Jee Jee's Journey

Jee Jee was diagnosed with post annular tear and spinal stenosis. Follow as she shares her story on the road to recovery.

Mike and Katie Masland - Mike and Katie Masland


Jerry Vieger - Jerry's page of Hope

This page is our way of staying in touch with family and friends during this rough time.

Kaytie O'Hara - Kaytie O'Hara

A way for me to keep all of my amazing and supportive family and friends up to date with my treatment and care without making 500 phone calls a day;) But I love you all so much that I would make 500 phone calls a day if I had to!

Sam Alexander - "Super Sam" Alexander

Updating our friends and family on Sam's heart condition, surgery and recovery

Hayden Jilka - Hope for Hayden

Hayden Jilka age 7 undergoing cancer treatment

Marijke Stiphout - Marijke's Recovery

Our very special friend and family member Marijke suffered a stroke on November 10, 2014. This site will keep everyone informed of her status and progress to recovery! We love you, Marijke!

surajit singh - Bishnupriya Manipuri Unity


Chris Railey - Kick it in the CANcer!

Updates for friends and family of Chris

Karla Crabb - Karla's Journey

This site was created to help people stay updated on Karla's journey with cancer, esp. during the short term when treatment is most intense.

Jessica and Chris Christofi - Jessica and Chris Christofi

Jessica and Chris Christofi's Journey

Indian wedding cards - Indian Wedding Cards, Scroll wedding Cards

One stop shop for exclusive Indian Wedding Cards and Scroll Wedding Invitations for everyone for their dream wedding invitations.

Cancer Support - Caring Bridge

Caring for care givers and cancer support

Gabriel - Gabriel's fight!

Supporting Gabriel through his fight against HLH!

Andrei Mikheev - Get Well Andrei

Andrei Mikheev is 20 years old and was in a devastating car accident on October 27th of 2014. This site is dedicated to him and his long road to recovery.

Brian Cope - Brian's B-Cell

Brian has been diagnosed with lymphoma which is a type of blood cancer. We've created this page to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your prayer, support and words of hope & encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Kathleen Stine - Love for Kathleen

Kathleen was admitted to Harborview on Thursday the 23rd after collapsing. She is now breathing on her own, responsive, and fighting in her usual feisty way. Thank you all for the love and support you are sending.

Dick Van Treijen - Dick Van Treijen

Updates on Dick's recovery for friends and family.

Vikas Agarwal - Indian Wedding Cards

Shubhankar wedding invitations offers an exclusive collection of designer wedding cards online.

Meghan Derryberry - Meghan

Updates on Meghan's heart surgery

Margaret Perkins - Margaret

This site will keep friends and family updated on mom's health and offer a forum for them to provide love and support.

Cris Condidorio - Cris Condidorio

Keeping all of our loved one's informed during my mom's fight through lung cancer.

Ranie Mattingly - Updates

Ranie was recently diagnosed with colon cancer which spread to her liver. This site was set up as a way for her friends to keep in touch, offer encouraging words & prayers, and to receive updates, as she proceeds with treatment.

Vanessa Heckendorn - Nessa's Fabulous Boobies

4 days before my 31st birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've set this page up to keep my friends and family updated with my battle to kick cancers butt! I'll be updating this blog through my treatment and recovery. A benefit has been scheduled for October 23rd at 4 pm @ Sushi Pier Lake Tahoe. All donations are welcome. Thank you for your support and prayers I love you all! Nessa

Kelly - ChemoSahBees

This site was created for love and support to Kelly, who is going through a second battle with breast cancer within 3 years. Prayers, messages, pictures, and cursing are all encouraged and allowed. The best way to get through a struggle is laughter. You might see some crazy and questionable stuff. These come from friends who have known Kelly for many years and are meant to put a smile on her face. Also, please consider making a donation for Kelly and Jason while your here. Thanks,

Dave Blank - A Day With Dave

Detailing the audacious adventures of Dave Blank – (aka: Doobie, Uncle Doobie, Jumbo, Fragman) The most interesting man in the world.

Parker G - The Heart of Parker

On September 19th, our youngest son, Parker, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma (nodular sclerosis subtype epstein barr virus associated). This site is designed to provide updates for our friends and family who have overwhelmed us support, love, and prayer.

Richelle Gonzalez - RGonzalezGetWell

This is where I can keep everyone updated on Richelle, she needs support but also needs rest and this time is critical. Please follow this page for information.

Kealy Deason - Our journey with Microtia.

When our daughter Kealy was born, we were thrilled to count 10 fingers and 10 toes. But then the doctors noticed that her right ear was underdeveloped. After much research, we were told her condition was known as Microtia. It has been a long journey of research and connecting with others dealing with the same condition. We chose a surgical option for Kealy that we feel is best for our family. We have had to wait until she turned 5 and weighed 40 lbs. And so here we are... Surgery is scheduled for November 2014. Well...the first surgery. We hope that this site will keep everyone updated on our journey. Thank you all for the many prayers and love!

Wendi Bryner - Wendi Bryner

This site is dedicated to Wendi and her family as they journey through leukemia. We want to provide support that reflects the incredible person that Wendi is and what she means to all of us!

Jason Williams - Counting Our Blessing...Praying for a Miracle

We have created this space for family and friends to come to offer their prayers and to stay up to date on Jason’s medical status.

John Sidney Davenport - John Sidney Davenport

A place for friends and family to celebrate Sidney's life.

Howard Abrams - His Fight Against West Nile

As most of you know, Howard is extremely sick and is in the hospital. We wanted to use this website to give you information on how he got there, and post updates on his condition. Please post your own thoughts, and we will make sure to relay your kind words to Howard.

John Crawford - Learning to Thrive with ALS

John was diagnosed with ALS in January. The response from the community has been amazing. We are grateful that God is using us to inspire and impact others in their faith, and He has sent so many to support and encourage us through this. We hope that this site will allow all of us to see God's love and know Him more.

Ardys Hollister Rutherford - Ardys' Army

This site is dedicated to my Mom, Ardys, to provide support and encouragement as she conquers breast cancer. Psalm 16:5-8 LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me. I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Saurabh Dadhich - Apeksha Group

Apeksha Group is established with the goal of offering our clients more n more quality, more plans to choose from, more options in real estate.

Scott Danner - Scott's Cancer Treatment

A site to get updates and info about Scott's cancer treatment.

Diane Nelson - Diane fighting cancer

praying for days filled with hope, faith and love while fighting cancer.

Mona Simons - Broken to Beautiful

This site is to keep friends and family up to date with the facts and feelings of my journey through breast cancer.