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Pete Krause - Pete Krause

This site will update friends and family about Pete's surgery and recovery.

Vladimir "Walt" Kovaleff - Walter's Journey

The latest of Walter.

RK Pipe And Drape - RK Pipe And Drape

Pipe and drape are not limited to just events, but trades shows is a must for maintaining privacy between the booths. The pipe system is compose of upright, crossbar, and a solid base.

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shenzhougroup - Electrical Wiring Shenzhougroup

Professional and experienced manufacturer - in producing all kinds of Copper Wire, Electrical Wiring, Cable Wire, Winding Wire, Aluminum Wiring

vertak - Watering Can Company Vertak is an international trade enterprise specializing in Garden Tools company, including Garden Shredder, Watering Can, Chain Saw and Lawnmowers, We hope to create a bright future together with you.

nblinhua - Plastic Cup Nblinhua

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Ron Chiles - Caddying for Dad

Dear family and friends, We very recently heard the sobering diagnosis that Dad (Ron) has esophageal cancer. We've set up this website to keep everyone involved without overwhelming the family. Thanks everyone for the love and support!

Cablewirean - Copper Wire Cable Wire Electrical Wiring Widely

Professional and experienced manufacturer - in producing all kinds of Copper Wire, Electrical Wiring, Cable Wire, Winding Wire, Aluminum Wiring.

Mark Sutton - Prayers for Mark

A week ago Mark got sick with what we thought was the flu. After a call to his doctor and an urgent care visit they still thought it was the flu. On Friday 4/22 he was very weak so he was taken to the hospital. They observed him overnight and the next morning a doctor came in to see him; the doctor quickly determined that Mark had an internal injury that needed immediate surgery. Mark underwent a two hour surgery where they found no injury but a massive infection (caused by an injury that was already healed). The doctor cleaned him up and put in drains for further observation. The effects of his injury have caused him to go into sepsis and kidney failure, currently Mark is in the ICU at Saratoga Hospital. We are waiting to see if his condition improves over the next 48 hours. We will be using this site to update family and friends on his condition. Your prayers and well thoughts are greatly appreciated.

cleanroom - cleanroom

Our company is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, near China's largest port, Shanghai port. 1.5 hours drive from Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Ethan Orr - Our Ethan is a fighter!

This is a site to update all our friends and family about Ethan's progress after his diagnosis of Type One Diabetes on Easter 2016. This is a complicated disease and it hard to pass along all the details contacting people individually. We also wanted to provide some ways you can help us as so many of you have generously asked to do. But please don't feel like you need to do anything other than send love, light, and God's peace to our Ethan.

IndustrialPipe - IndustrialPipe


Mildred Rochelle Brown - Please Help Rochelle

Rochelle is a 51 year old female currently residing in Kingsport, Tennessee, she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2009. She has tried various treatments and it has not helped and the cancer has spread. She is now stage 4 and terminal. Her and her husband struggle each month just to make ends meet. Marty her husband is also on disability after serving in the army for 12 years and being badly wounded. They have hospice come in on a weekly basis. Rochelle draws and to sell her drawings for 12.00 each, these are good people in a very bad spot and if nothing else please pray for them. She has no family she would welcome any prayers, a phone call or even a visit if any one felt so inclined. These people worked hard there whole lives and never asked anything from anyone now they need help, please spread the word of her web site and she has a Facebook page www.facebook/helprochelle her phone number is 4236770493 I thank you for looking, God Bless

Harper Hall - Harper

Harper's arrival and journey into life

L.R. "Ronnie" McHenry - Dad's Journey

This site was created to document the journey of Stage 3 Lymphoma

Stefan Edgerly - Stefan's Journey

Stefan was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer and a rare Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma and has recently begun chemotherapy. This site will update friends and family throughout his journey toward recovery.

Eric - Eric's updates

Follow progress of Eric's hospital stay and recovery.

Lala Searcy - Alzheimer's Journey

This site has been created to keep friends and family of Lala Searcy updated on her well-being. Feel free to leave comments and please keep her in your prayers.

Theresa Dumback - Theresa's Health

I am in need of help of getting dentures. A lot of my teeth are cracked and have fallen out. I'm in so much pain everyday and my doctors wont give me anything for the pain. I have to have 800.00 dollars up front before I can get my teeth impressions done and my dentures made. I'm so ready for my teeth to be pulled and mouth can heal so I can be myself again. When I look in the mirror I fill ugly. JD tells me you are beautiful not ugly. Please share this page with your family and friends. Thank you everyone and God Bless you all. God is good all the time!!!

nbbenli03 - nbbenli


Sam Williamson - Pectus Carinatum

Sam has pectus carinatum, and wants to raise awareness about his condition.

billigafotboll -

Margaret Swartz - Margaret and Tim Updates

This site was created to keep Margaret and Tim's friends and family up to date on how Margaret and Tim are doing.

Margaret Daugherty - Ask Me About My Mom's Dementia!

If you're reading this, then you're someone who cares about my mom, Margaret Daugherty, and wants to keep up-to-date on the status of her health and ways to contribute your support. For that, I thank you profusely. You can check this blog to coordinate visits to see her, read about how she's doing, and stay informed about how you can help.

Bronson - Some Of The Brand Belt In The World

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Shawn Walker - Strenth and Support for Shawn

Shawn was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's follicular lymphoma in August of 2015. His ongoing treatment has been a challenge to him and his family. Strength and support have come in many forms, and we hope this site will help enable ongoing communication and support for the Walker family during the journey of Shawn's treatment and recovery.

Marty (Matt) McSorley - Marty's Neurosurgery

Marty is going in for neurosurgery on April 8th. We hope this gives an outlet to share information with family and friends who love and care about Marty and want to know how he is doing.

plasticalcontainer - Plastic Container Plastic

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nbbenli02 - nbbenli02


Lita Mozingo - Arletha's journey

This site is a communication page to keep family and friends update with Mom.

nbbenli01 - nbbenli01


fifaamanrs - fifaamanrs

love game

tosingcastingk - Lost Wax Casting | Parts Train Leader

Tosing-casting - Lost Wax Casting factory as a leading OEM Forklift Parts manufacturer offers durable and affordable Marine Par

nbbenli - nbbenli


Karyn Peterson - Karyn's Story

On February 20th, 2016, I had an ischemic stroke ( from a blockage of my left carotid artery. I initially lost use of my right arm which caused me to seek immediate medical assistance at an ER, despite this by evening I had lost my speech and the use of my right leg but not my life..

Jordan Gayfield - Jordan's Road to Recovery

Jordan was in a horrific head on collision on March 15 while on his way to visit his grandparents. The accident has left Jordan in ICU in Ohio with multiple fractures in the legs, ankles and feet included two broken/shattered femurs, as well as other medical issues caused by the high speed crash. This page is to support the costs incurred during his care, including overall medical costs, hospital stays, medical transport, long term care/therapies, overall recovery and return to school. During this time, he will be unable to work or continue his schooling. God is good, and that Jordan is alive is miraculous! Jordan and his family appreciate your prayers, and any financial support you can provide to help Jordan walk again and return to a normal life.

Kate Terrell - Accenture

Site to support Kate Terrell

Amit Kumar - Amit Kumar Travel Blog

Want to visit India? Well you are at the right place. Here we have amazing information from local experts who share their insights on must see tourist attractions in India. read about page

Joan Heatherly - Help In Joan Heatherly's Fight Breast Cancer

We're collecting donations to aid in Joan's fight. 100% of donations will be to aid the family paying for medical expenses incurred by medical treatments

Jenn - Lymphoma picked the wrong bitch!

On Monday March 7, 2016 at the age of 43, I was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL), the most common form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Let's kick some ass!

Marty Gasner - Mgasner

Marty's updates and progress

Brad L. - Brad's Get Well Page

Brad is currently in the hospital fighting for his life--please keep in your thoughts and prayers.

Liz Sekula - Liz's surgery update

Status of Liz's March 11th surgery and recovery

Lois Baisley - We love Lois!

A way to keep up with the best gamma, mom, aunt, cousin, and friend we all know and love!

phillipswood - Self Tapping Screws Company Din 571

Screws company - Din 571 offer a wide variety of Wood Screws, Lag Screw, Self Tapping Screws and so on. Our company has various manufacturing equipments and packaging equipments to meet different customer needs.

Shaun Alumbaugh - Shaun's Fight Club

Follow Shaun as he fights the big ugly "C" word

Jessica Unger - Root for the Unger Dog: fighting Lyme Disease

As I begin the next phase of my treatment and healing, I wanted to create a private place to post updates and keep everyone informed.

Holly Linkenhoger Moffitt - Holly's Journey

Holly Linkenhoger Moffit would like to invite you to read about her fight against breast cancer. A fight she's ready to win! She'll share her journey through her sister Joy Linkenhoger Moffitt and friend Jenn Comeaux, so that you, her loved ones can stay informed. Your words of encouragement and love are appreciated.

AnnaBlanch - Job hunter

A passionate job hunter