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Love for Luke

Luke was diagnosed with stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma on August 19, 2016. He started treatment on August 22. We appreciate all of your support. read about page

Latest journal entry

Day 66...

Pretty low key day today. The weather was yucky, so it wasn't the worst day to be stuck in the hospital. We played some Xbox, had a few visitors and watched more of The Office.

Luke's feeling ok. He's more lucid than he was yesterday. His appetite isn't great, and he's definitely more tired than usual, but he hasn't been very nauseous and hasn't thrown up.

We found out this morning that we'll be here at least until Saturday morning. That news really bummed Luke out. The typical pattern with his inpatient chemo is to move the doses 3-4 hours earlier each day. That puts the last dose on board in the wee hours on the fifth day, so they can monitor him and then send him home in the afternoon. Because of the toxicity issues he had yesterday, they're keeping the spacing at 24 hours and slowing down the infusion rate. That means the last dose won't be finished until about 2 am Saturday. 

Thank you all again for everything.