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MJD Daily Updates

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Latest journal entry

Visit to Margaret--Oct. 25, 2016--Tuesday

Margaret was just getting served her lunch when I arrived.  She seemed disconnected to reality, looked "right through me" and went on with looking out the window.  It wasn't long before she recognized me and looked happy to see me.  I was light-hearted with with her and soon she was smiling and laughing.  She seemed to fade in and out of reality for awhile.  Staff said she wanted to stay in bed until 11am and ate a small breakfast late.  Marg ate a good lunch and loved the potato salad and chocolate pie.  Stephanie had given her some coffee in the straw cup.  We added some sugar and milk and M really enjoyed it.  We talked about giving her decaf from now on and created another "Bartlett House cafe latte (with chia seeds)."  By the time I left, she had drank almost half of that and ate a cup of fresh fruit.  

Marg was having a lot of dystonia and sliding down the seat in her wheelchair.  The edge of her wheelchair seat also digs into the back of her thighs because without the footrests to hold her feet up there is a downward weight on her legs.  I asked Maria (the BH nurse) about getting a smaller wheelchair for Marg from Hospice with one of the reasons being to have a small W/C (actually a light weight transporter chair) to make it possible to take M out in the car for a ride and be able to put the wheelchair in our car easily).  Maria came back and said the transporter chair (with foot rests) would be delivered probably this week.  A smaller chair might fit her better, too.  

We talked--M had pretty good volume and we actually had short conversations.  She was in a good mood today.  We watched a DVD movie which she and the other residents really enjoyed.  She watched it in the comfy recliner chair with it tilted back and ate some chips and drank her decaf drink.  We had good vibes today.  A good day.