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My journey through illness

I am recently diagnosed HIV and now cancer. It will be a tough battle, but I know I can make it read about page

Latest journal entry

No Insurance

Well I finally got hooked up with the local AIDS clinic. I got a ton of labs done and I get my medication mailed to me, all for free. So that's a great service that they have here. I've been off of medication for almost a month. Feeling fine though. Had a little bought a week or so ago with a low grade fever. But Ali was sick at the time so it may have been from that. 

Got medically approved for SSDI just have to mail in a work report set of forms and hopefully it'll just be another month. 

I am two weeks late for my fifth chemo session. I spoke to the lady from Parkland hospital, which is the one I can go to for charity care. She gave me the information to get the care. Hopefully next week I can get chemo. 

Thats it for now. Love to everyone