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My journey through illness

I am recently diagnosed HIV and now cancer. It will be a tough battle, but I know I can make it read about page

Latest journal entry

Hospital Day -7

  Slept fairly well last night. Had some bizarre dreams.  I recall the nurse changing my IV bag at 4am. She also drew my labs, which I do not remember.  Either way a fairly restfull nights sleep.

  Getting premedicated for my first dose of chemo today. Trying to keep better track of my I's and O's so they'll take me off round the clock IV fluids; annoying having to drag a pole everywhere. There's a dirty joke in there somewhere I know it.

  Food service is excellent. Unlike University Hospital San Antonio, here they'll let you order as much food as you want at a time. That's available from 7 to 7.  I recieved a great gift box from my paretns in-law, Andy and Chris.  I already finished all the cookies.  There's a nutrition room down the hall as well that has coffee, juices and snackies.

  Had my visit from PT and they walked me around the unit and gave me some exercises to do in the room. They told me OT would come by at some point as well.  They do have a small gym for use by the BMT patients.  It's right outside the unit and you have to have a babysitter in case you fall or something.

  The TV is bigger than the one I have at home.  I was told it had Facetime and Skype capability but so far it looks like it only has internal video conferencing.  Good cable TV channels and movies on demand.  If it had a hot tub it'd be perfect.

  That's it for now.  Just settling in, puttings away.  I hate a lot of clutter.  Messes with my Chi flow dammit.\

Love to all.