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Rebecca's Story

Four years and counting...a metastatic breast cancer journey read about page

Latest journal entry

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

Rebecca's scans were positive showing further improvements and reduction of cancer legions in the plural of her right lung and also reduction in her liver. The trial drug is getting great results but not without side effects. Rebecca is attempting her 7th anti nausea medication (in 3 months). Hopefully we will find one to help her regain her appetite and curb her daily nausea. That being said, this was a great scan and we couldn't possibly ask for better results.

We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to participate within this clinical trial. Thank you to the wonderful MD Anderson oncology team. Dr Valero, Jill, Krissy and all of the team who have found the correct medicine and continue to do everything they can to ensure Rebecca is as comfortable as she can be. 2016 would have been very different if not for this opportunity and for that we feel blessed to have this option.

Thank you to all of our family and friends who provide unconditional support, encouragement and a soft place to land when things get tough. It is the combination of our personal team and oncology team that allowed us to get great care and receive positive results. We could not participate in the trial and travel bi weekly and/or monthly without help from our friends, families and co-workers.

2016 started with fear, sadness and uncertainty. We start 2017 with hope, excitement and knowledge that we are part of a team that "walks the walk" and who continue this journey with us and by our side.  Our team circles the wagons and has no quit!  Experiencing this unconditional love, comfort and support Is our greatest Christmas gift.

- Thank you for hanging in there with us and thank you for always being the best part of our every day.

Love Chris and Rebecca