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Latest journal entry

Looks like we need a new plan...

We were at Emory today for blood and platelets.  Dr Langston came over to talk to us. The biopsy results are in and showed 20% AML blasts in his marrow.  This means he has relapsed. There are a number of things she wants to do.   He may have GVHD (graft versus host disease) of the gut right now and she said that can fight the AML.  We are going to only mildly treat the GVHD enough to not make phil suffer but allow GVHD to still be there and beat down the AML.  We are reducing the amount of Prograf (grafting medicine)  he takes daily to also allow GVHD to flare a little in order to try to beat down the AML. She is also going to start ivig (an IV treatment to boost his immune system) on a regular basis and also restart the vidaza chemotherapy (since we now know that was not the cause of his plummeting numbers).  Also his CMV virus is back so we are going to have to treat that too with a medicine that he took but then was taken off of (when we thought that might be driving down his numbers).    There is a mini booster transplant called DLI that some people get but because he relapsed so soon after the initial transparent that is not an option at this time.  She said every meeting we have from here on out we will gauge how it's all working. She is also going to have the lab do research on his bone marrow sample to see if there are any mutations and if there are any drugs available to target that specific mutation - even if the drug isn't for AML. She was very frank and will continue to be frank.  We appreciate that.  She is also the best at what she does and we have complete faith that she will do what she can - while she can - to help phil.   

I don't know when or why or how God performs miracles.  I do know that he can and has.  I will continue to pray for Phil's healing and him to be cured.  That is what I can do.  

I know that phil is strong and has strong faith. I know that phil wants to beat this.  I know that phil has confidence in his medical team and will do what they tell him to do.  That is what phil can do.  

We all love phil and want him to be around for a long time.  Loving, sending good thoughts and encouragement to phil and supporting him in this journey - that is what we all can do.