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Round 5

Although the hospital was unbelievably full and I ended up starting round 5 of treatment 9 days late, I'm here and trudging along. I'm on bag 3 of 4 of my big chemo (EPOH) and then will finish up with a reduced Cytoxan dose (since I had such a hard time last cycle with mucusitis and mouth sores). This will happen on Saturday--then I get to go home that afternoon!

Fingers crossed that all of the corrections we've made this time (less fluids in general and a lower dose of Cytoxan) will make a difference with how I feel in the next week or so, and most importantly with my heart effusion.  

The goal is to have a repeat echo outpatient late next week to check, so please send some good juju my way that it's either holding steady or getting smaller. 

The biggest challenge, besides the effusion, that I'm facing is endless nausea. Trying to take everything one moment at a time, eating and drinking in small amounts consistently, and employing distractions to help me "forget" about it for short periods of time. TV and coloring seem to be ideal :)

I'm getting so close to the end, but it still feels like I have a ways to go, especially once I finish round 6, I know that the healing and rebuilding/restrengthening process will take some time. Enjoying all of your continued love and comments. Thank you so much!




P.S. If you click on the photo you can see the whole thing with my IV pole and chemo bag (the orange one).