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Tuesday October 4th,2016


Not a whole bunch going on..599 more days to go before they can hopefully declare me cancer free. The countdown continues.

My funny for the day. I have been soaking my feet in warm water and Listerine, why you actually makes my feet feel better.

It cause a nice feeling and I think it is helping with the lack of feeling. So I asked Ronny to buy me a small plastic tub while he was at

Home Depot, he comes home with a $2.00 plastic paint tray, okay I’ll try it. Well the tray was a deep blue color and I proceed to soak my feet.

I guess the $2.00 tray did not like the Listerine because I ended up with blue smurf feet.

So now if you ask if I’m blue the answer will be only my feet…..

I have to visit my favorite chemo nurses every 6 weeks to get my port checked. Well they draw a little to make sure that is working then they

flush it out and then inject this gel type stuff into the port. So instead of saying I am getting my port flushed I refer to it as going in for a lube job.

So from now on when I say I am going in for a lube job you will know what I mean.

My days I think are getting better, but since I went back to work at Shop Rite part-time I find I am always tired. But it is both body and mind tired.

I stand there and listen to people bitch at customer service and I just want to say really bitch. You have no idea. So you have had a bad day, and I care why????

Want to hear my story?????

…told I have stage 4 of the worse ovarian cancer there is

…24 weeks of intense chemo

….5 ½ hours in surgery

…and if that was not enough almost died from anaphylactic shock

…. Not to mention the stress of where is the money going to come from to pay they every day bills let alone the doctor bills.


I think I need to have business cards made that say “ Please, get a life” or “Is it really all about you”.

I think I need to write a book about the customers and their stories on why they need a refund or how they scam the store every day, and because the store does not want to

Piss any one off they give in to these idiots.  They should just give them the keys and tell them to take what they want.

I have been slowly working on my cook book but honestly the cost to have it printed is going to be a tough road to manage.  But hopefully I will find a way.

I already have ideas for the next two books. I think my book for men in the kitchen will do well, it seems 80% of the ladies I talk to don’t cook. So since the book is

going to be dummy proof maybe they too will buy a copy.

Well I need to get a ton of shit done so talk to you later and thanks for tuning in to the Life of Sammi….

Love you all..thanks for caring and your words of strength.