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Fall Updates on Jake and The Entire Harm Family

Fall Greetings,

It is official- only 20 days before the Harm’s move to sunny California. WE ARE SO EXCITED! WE have found a beautiful home on the west side of Fairfield, CA in Green Valley Estates = totally beautiful and it has the gourmet kitchen to meet our expectations of our MN home, and best yet- it has plentiful walking paths to meet Jake's expectations to enjoy the outdoors. Jake is thrilled to have his own bedroom with ensuite for his privacy and independence. There is also a dedicated workspace for Naomi for her remote tech job with Dell. But best of all- we have a lovely outdoor patio to soak up the sun, plant an herb garden and vegetables, enjoy the California temps, sunshine and just RELAX. Oh and did I mention- we are 12 miles from Napa Valley? #LifeIsTrulyGrand Yes, we are so ready for this move!

Our Jacob is still keeping up with his routine with daily walks to keep up his health and fitness regiment. We love it as it keeps his parents active too! Jacob is so dedicated to keeping up with a consistent routine, from documenting his daily activities and appointments on his calendar board, active learning with dedicated apps  to increase his memory retention, ritual morning routines of making his bed, doing the dishes, planning out his day, and then onto mid day and evening routines to keep us all in check! At times HE helps us with remembering the to do list- we love it! And as of this month, September 5, 2016 he is at the milestone marker of 29 months of healing since his accident TX accident.

We love Jacob’s sincere and straight off the cuff comments and remarks. As many of you may realize, those with TBI’s tell you like it is- with no reservations- he keeps us humble and he keeps it real- and that sense of realism is also from Jake's original personality- we love it! We also really enjoy Jake’s "thinking out loud voice" and he makes us laugh multiple times throughout the day- he is so positive and adds so much joy to our lives!

We had a small gathering this past weekend at our home with a few dozen friends and family members, and Jake did an amazing job socializing with multiple people. It was amazing watching him interact with friends and family and find a balance to exchange conversation with it not being too overwhelming. He was so happy- and this was wonderful to capture it in the included photos. Thanks also to Erika for capturing these moments as Jeff and Naomi were entertaining. 

Ok more updates to come once we make the official move to California, and more stories to share on Jake’s progress is new and continued friendships, and new gained independence in California. Our goal is too introduce Jake to more TBI support groups to socialize with more young men and women within his age group, and to support his amazing gains with his TBI progress.

Thanks everyone for the continued support and guidance with our west coast adventures, and to follow our next learning journey with our Jake, where ever he may take us :-) 

Jeff and Naomi