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Posted 2020-03-31T21:28:10Z

2020 March 31: are you ready? 30 days of yoga

Yoga Mat Invitation

Hooray! I'm ready and so is Toby.

Glad to hear from a good number of you and your creative ways of participating. We may not all end at the same time/day, but let's start together.

I'll hope you'll all join me on April 1st - Fearless Day. 

I've been thinking a lot not just about health, but about wellness. There's more to health, than being healthy.  As we try to stay healthy (and safe, in every way) and active, and as we rehabilitate and recover, during these times, are we taking care and taking full measure of our well-being?  




For me, there's exercise. There's also yoga, mediation, and food. I've included several links below that may be of interest. The yoga link, the 21-day meditation link with Deepak and Oprah, and a link to a documentary, The Game Changers, on the benefits to our health and to the planet, from eating a plant-based diet. My mind exploded. Again. The film may have just convinced me altogether--witness the picture of my breakfast. What's for dinner?  I have some ideas already.


1. Commit to 30 days of yoga. They don't have to be consecutive days, but try to lasso in those 30 days. (My aim is consecutive days this time around). Check in with me every once in a while via PH posts, text, or video chat!

2. Use any platform, program, instructor, intensity and style you like. I love "Yoga with Adriene" youtube videos, so that's what I'm using. She's cute, she positive, and I like her approach. I've included 2 links related to her 2020 30 day "HOME" challenge below.  The first, is to her Day "0" intro for those who are fairly new to at-home yoga and her program. The second link is the "Day 1" video which I'll start on April 1st.

3. Meditation. Part of my arsenal in this battle and on this journey. 15 minutes a day to slow the mind chatter and re-calibrate. I'm going to give Deepak and Oprah a go. I've signed up. 

4. Plant-based diet. The Game Changers. Athletes, doctors, scientists. Check out the film on Neftflix.


Yoga with Adriene - Day 0 - Intro

The Game Changers

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