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Post treatment blues.

after months of doctors visits, lab work, chemo treatments, radiation treatments now everything has basically stopped. It might sound strange but I feel left out in the cold. I know nothing was found in the scan and the oncologist was happy with the way things were going but I still feel apprehensive. I have read stories of other people feeling the same way after the intensity of the diagnosis and the treatment. They say it gets better with time but I did not expect to feel this way. It’s so weird. I thought I would be all ready to go and going full speed ahead but I didn’t expect to feel the way I feel. The stories I read and the articles I have studied all say that it is normal. Hopefully it starts going away soon. 

‘I had my first port flush today. Easy and quick. Next one in 4 weeks. Still making plans but have to plan around the medical appointments. 

‘Take care and live everyday like it’s a new day.

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