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Posted 2018-06-26T02:22:08Z

Next part of the journey

today I had my intitial body CT scan with contrast.  I’ve had ct scans before but this one is way different.  It is the base line for everything else that comes after.  Tomorrow I see my oncologist and we will see what the plan is for the future.  It has been difficult to mentally prepare myself for what comes after. So many unknowns.  But like with everything else the came  before, facing forward with determination and faith.  Can’t stop now.  Too many plans have been made and many others to be made. Looking forward to car shows, fishing trips and road trips.  Nest month there is a plumeria sale in Corpus Christi and I will be there god willing.. after my appointment tomorrow, I will post an update.

it has been a challenging time.. it has been hard to keep focus with so many distractions but I have to be strong and continue forward.  That’s the hardest part. One of the most mentioned factors in recovery is keeping a positive attitude.  It’s very hard when you are surrounded by so many thing that want to bring you down.  Small things, large things trying to distract from what’s important.  The ability to prioritize is very important.  So many lessons learned just from one diagnosis.  But we keep moving right along.

folks, I cannot stress the importance of listening to your body.  Don’t take anything for granted escpecially if you have some years on you like I do.  If you are not sure, go and make sure.  

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  • Beverly Schwartz
    Beverly Schwartz

    your are awesome , thank you again for sharing your journey...we live you and continue to have you and Joanne in our prayers

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Carl Hegerty
    Carl Hegerty

    continuous prayers be with you my friend. you are an inspiration, you are my inspiration.....thank you for sharing and taking us along on your journey with you. I'm always looking to my emails waiting and wondering about what your next journal reads....stay strong and focused my friend and fellow comrade.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Laulea Nuku-Day
    Laulea Nuku-Day

    Be strong and have faith in our Father in Heaven. For he has answered our prayers so far and wil continue with your remission our brother Carlos. Stay positive and live life to the fullest. We will continue to pray for you, Joann and the family. Much love from your Vegas Family.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Angel V Ortiz Cruz
    Angel V Ortiz Cruz

    I've seen and read what God has been doing in your healing process and we have faith that He will continue blessing you and all the Family. We have learned what a positive attitude does and how to adjust to Gods plan in each situation one day at a time. Love you Big Brother , may your health be in the best condition. God bless.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • delton day
    delton day

    C, you all have bern patient through this journey as I have no doubt you all will do the same in this journey of being. True Survivor. Life always gives us ups and down, but as long as we have the faith of just a mustard seed, it’s going to be ok. Remain strong and of great courage my bro. We send our love

    2 years ago · Reply