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Posted 2020-01-24T17:11:52Z

2020 Off and Running...

Can you believe it? January is almost over! Seems like the holidays are a busy blur for everyone and then poof! before you know it a month has gone by!! Hoping you are all settling in to this new decade with ease. 

We celebrated this week as one full year since Brian completed radiation and chemotherapy. Brian had a PET-CT scan Monday and we met with Dr. Lee for the results on Wednesday. Brian remains cancer free from his head down to his knees, Yippee!!

Dr. Lee took a peak through a scope down Brian's throat. Other than a some scar tissue and a little bit of swelling the whole area where the tumor was looks healthy. They talked over current meds and therapies. Dr. Lee confirmed that Brian should continue his daily physical therapy exercises for the next year or two to keep breaking up scar tissue and regain full mobility of his neck and shoulder.

This year Brian will see Dr. Lee every four months and have a PET or CT scan every other visit to continue monitoring. When Brian was diagnosed a year and a half ago the risk of cancer reoccurrence following treatment was 55-60%. Every year further from treatment those odds get exponentially better! By the five year post treatment mark there's only a 1% chance of reoccurrence. 

Brian thanked him for saving his life. Dr. Lee said that's what they aim to do. He then went on to say Brian had proven how tough he was with all that was thrown at him last year. Dr. Lee said he had a bout of shingles at his belt line recently and now had even more empathy for what Brian went through. The closer was when Dr. Lee said: 'I'm sure you know this, but you are surrounded by friends and family who are inspired by you. No doubt whatever comes at you in the future you will be able to handle' (at this point I teared up knowing his words rang true).

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