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A Steep Mountain to Climb

To share updates along Brian's path to cancer recovery.

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2020-06-03T02:11:06Z

Thank You PostHope!

PostHope was planning to shut down June 1st, but donations are coming in to keep the service going so maybe it will (yay!) This wonderful non-profit organization provided the format that allowed us to share Brian’s cancer treatment and recovery with you. As much as you may have appreciated the updates without having to ask, we gained even more through your support. Thank you all again! Each of your comments, texts, emails, calls, cards and visits clearly made Brian mentally and emotionally stronger. And writing to you here helped me make sense of it all, and no doubt kept me sane.

Brian still needs to check in with his cancer doctors every few months for the next 4 years or so to comply with the drug trial protocol. It’s becoming part of normal routine now. He saw Dr. Lee last week and for the first time I didn’t go with him! It is reassuring to know he will continue to be monitored so closely. We’ve been diligent about following recommended protections against the coronavirus in assuming Brian is at extremely high risk due to his cancer treatment. The good news from his doctor is that now nearly a year and a half since he finished treatment his immune system is probably completely back on line. Brian is now just in the old fart risk category (never thought that would be a good thing!). We’ll still continue to follow the protection recommendations because we sure don’t want to get or give the virus.

I’m writing this as if it is the last post since I thought it would be. And it can. The fact is Brian made it up that steep mountain, and a few more unexpected peaks as well. He had to leave a few things on top like some of his hearing, weight, flexibility, taste and ease of swallowing. Nevertheless - he’s well over the top and now on the other side of that mountain range. He still only drinks MGD and tells really lame jokes, so we know all is well.

With the continuing pandemic and associated impacts mounting daily we are each now facing hills and mountains that just weren’t there a few months ago. But hey, we can each get through this journey! Just have to keep focusing on what can be over those mountains, no matter how long it takes to get there. For Brian it was many more lakes to fish….


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