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A Steep Mountain to Climb

To share updates along Brian's path to cancer recovery.

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Nope, I was wrong! Brian came up with more snow removal chores to do! Temperatures are warming, hit mid 40's yesterday and the melt is full on. So we spent a good amount of time yesterday and today moving snow to encourage the melt to drain AWAY from our house rather than into the basement. At least we have a good reason to be out in this sunshine!

We don't know why, but his leg swelling is considerably less today! We can only figure his body must have noticed and responded to all the doctor attention last week. The rashes and redness are getting better too with the lotion and antibiotics. AND his throat pain today is down to a 2 or 2 1/2! Taste buds are not really registering the complexities of food and drink, but the list is expanding every day as to what he can eat. And, since it was St. Patrick's Day, Brian had a sip of MGD for the first time. It didn't taste bad, but a sip was more enough on top of his meds. As cousin Howie suggested weeks ago, maybe now his recovery is snowballing down hill at a rapid pace. We'll take it!!

* Ice Buster Brian

* Chopping in drainage for the melt

* We have flow!

* Cheers!!

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