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To share updates along Brian's path to cancer recovery.

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It's Never Nothing...

... There's always something to change up your day. Last Friday evening Brian noticed his side hurt when showering. Sure enough, the site where his JP drain line was prior to surgery all of a sudden looked absolutely terrible. Swollen, red, and oozing. Weighing our options we couldn't help but wonder why medical issues only seem to come up on holidays or going into a weekend. I called his surgeon's office and optimistically left a message for the surgeon on call. Within an hour we had care instructions and a prescription for antibiotics. Saturday mid day I checked back with the same doc to confirm what we were doing and what we saw was ok. For the rest of the weekend every 4 hours or so I expressed the puss and blood out, cleaned the site with hydrogen peroxide (which stung horribly) and re-bandaged. We took his temperature regularly and watched for signs of increased swelling, redness, fever or feeling ill, any of which would send us off to the ER. By Monday the discharge started to slow down and we were grateful not to have spent the weekend at the hospital.

Meanwhile Brian had been checking the Browning, Montana weather reports. Due to forecasted thunderstorm activity Brian concluded the potential of getting stuck back in at the remote lake they fish was just too great. He sadly pulled the plug on his fishing trip. They'll try to go next fall.

Brian saw the doc Tuesday afternoon who confirmed we were to continue with the same daily care and the site should heal up just fine. He scheduled a second follow up in 2 weeks just to be sure. Brian was at least glad he had already cancelled the trip due to weather rather than this medical issue. Today, a week later, all seems back to were we started. The drain site now appears to have healed closed. He finishes his antibiotic course today and has started his four week taper to get off Gabapentin.

Today also marks one month post surgery. Now Brian's primary goal is to gain strength and weight back. He hit an all time low of 142 lbs. earlier this week so he has some eating to do. He's taking daily supplemental nutrition through his peg tube again and eating 3 meals a day. Plus daily pie and ice cream should help! Now we're just looking forward to a weekend hopefully full of NO surprises.

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