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Posted 2019-12-24T22:22:21Z

Christmas Eve!

As we walked under sunny skies this morning, while our dogs provided non-stop entertainment, we couldn't help but smile. It's Christmas Eve and joy is in the air!!

Earlier this month Brian had his very last body decoration removed, the feeding tube is now ancient history!  His neck stiffness is slowly getting better through physical therapy and his diligence with daily exercises. And (drum role please) he has muscles!! Weight gain and shoulder recovery are both on a very slow trajectory, but he's not letting either hold him back much. No doubt a good sign (though sometimes I wonder) his humor is back in full force with even more episodes of Brian cracking himself up! 

Brian made the rounds to all of his regular doctors to follow up on his overall health. An audio check confirmed he has sustained some noticeable permanent hearing loss in his right ear due to radiation and chemo. We'll be checking into an aid to help with that. Last week he had an endoscopy to follow-up on his pre-existing Barrett's esophagus, which he's had for a few years. Amazing news, NO SIGN of Barrett's - totally healthy tissues now! Of course the first thing Brian wanted was a cup of McDonald's coffee (he's been off coffee for a few years), but we drove right past the golden arches ('cause I was driving!). All in all, we are so very grateful for this year to be behind us.

As we look forward to these final days of 2019 we feel so fortunate to share in making Merry Christmas moments with friends and family. Wherever you are, whoever you are with, whatever you are doing, We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas soaking in all the Love and Joy that surrounds You!

* Christmas Eve Day!

* Healthy esophagus Smile!

* Relaxing Pals

* Merry Christmas!!!

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Comments (5)

  • Carol Bonino
    Carol Bonino

    HoHoHo!!! My heart sings under these blue skies. Hugs to you both. Merry Christmas/Neilmas!!!😊😜💟💟💟

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Sue Schultz
    Sue Schultz

    Merry Christmas from Minnesota! So happy all is going well for you!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Leanne Schultheis
    Leanne Schultheis

    👍😁🤗🤩😘 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Carol Henson
    Carol Henson

    Merry Christmas. And may 2020 be a great year; with continued healing and a family celebration. Thanks for the updates.

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Geri Pohlkamp
    Geri Pohlkamp

    Merry Christmas a day late. Your update is such a Christmas blessing for all of us. Faith, hope and positive thinking really work!!! 2020 will be a wonderful year. Blessings and love to all from central MN and all your cousins far and wide.

    5 months ago · Reply