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Marilyn Schultheis Marilyn Schultheis

I just want you to know we are all pulling for you, and praying that you have better days ahead.
Marilyn Schultheis

Judy Avery Judy Avery

I like the Dolly Parton suggestion, but it might be flammable and you'd need to find a padded bra.

Dan Wetzel and Kristen Grainger Dan Wetzel and Kristen Grainger

Brian, I see Howie is giving you a hard time about your hairnet but Dolly Parton says the best way to keep your hairdo nice while lying down is to wrap your whole head in toilet paper, then in the morning, just fluff and go. 👍🏻👍🏻

Richard Teutsch Richard Teutsch

Well be thinking of you in the morning Brian. Hope your first treatment goes well!

Howard Teutsch Howard Teutsch

Brian, you wear a hair net cap well. Who knew?
Wishing you the best as you kick this thing in the ass.