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Bark Box

Throughout Kelly’s road to recovery, we have been amazed with the outpouring of love, concern, prayers, gifts, cards, hugs, and other expressions that have meant more to us than you can ever know!!! We cannot fathom going through this difficult journey without each one of you! Of course, Kelly would rather be at A&M and graduating in May, but each of you do make cancer suck a bit less. She has received some great gifts—blankets & quilts (she uses them all), lush bath bombs, a body pillow (which is getting lots of use), gift cards, coloring books, baskets of things to do, cookies and cakes, comfortable lounge clothes, etc., and a multitude of cards with well wishes and promises for prayer. Our cups (and Kelly’s room) runneth over!

Blake and Champ deserve some special recognition for making cancer suck a bit less too. Blake was by Kelly’s side all summer and this fall he is doing his internship with Deloitte downtown. He leaves his house each morning at 7:00 a.m., works a full day, then comes to our house to be with Kelly until 9:00 p.m. His love and dedication to seeing Kelly through this is something movies are made of.

For Champ, Lydia’s 20+ year running friends covered him by sending a 3-month subscription to Bark Box. The Bark Box company then graciously gave Champ another month simply as a gesture of support for what Kelly was enduring. Kelly’s grandparents (Lydia’s parents) got a sniff of how much Kelly and Champ loved these, so they added another generous 3-month subscription. If you are a dog lover and don’t know about Bark Boxes, you are missing out! Champ knows the box is his and if one of his four legged siblings gets remotely close, the normally laid back and gentle Champ gets quite territorial--showing teeth, growling and barking if they don’t back off. We all get a kick out of watching Champ (and Kelly) get so excited over a delivery. Steve and I just wish WE had thought of this!

Next we have to come up with a similarly wonderful idea to let Blake know how much he is appreciated for his devoted love to Kelly.

Lydia and Steve

P.S. Thanks to Beth Michalak, Ellen LaBarbera and Laureen Kraft, Wallace and Jane Shook, and the Bark Box Company!

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