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Adrian and Yoko Kidney Transplant

updates on Adrian and Yoko's Kidney transplant and recovery

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2020-03-06T22:33:03Z

March 6 update - complication?

Hi all,

I thought I might be going to work soon.  Those of that stopped by saw Yoko and I, could see we were doing well in our recovery.  Yoko continues to improve.  Unfortunately I had to have an ultrasound done yesterday on the kidney, and next week will have a nuclear medical scan, due to the kidney being somewhat swollen.  It needs to be addressed before there is any potential damage done to the new kidney.  So much for this being a piece of cake and a standard operation :)

60+ degrees next week.....think I'll have to get on the court before my next medical visit.

Take care all, thank you for your love, support, funny texts, calls, and visits.

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