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Adrian and Yoko Kidney Transplant

updates on Adrian and Yoko's Kidney transplant and recovery

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Posted 2019-11-29T16:57:07Z

Beginning of a journey

Hi everyone,

Yoko and I have started this web page to keep our family and close friends updated on our approaching transplant date (January 21) and progress of recovery afterwards.  We hope the tabs along the top of the page for posts and photos.  Yoko and I can make updates to the calendar for future needs (such as trips to the doctors at MGH in Boston).

We just want to express how much all of you mean to us.  Yoko and I are very grateful for the friends and family we have in our life.  Every conversation and laugh creates another memory (whether I can remember it well is something else).

Stay tuned for future updated :)

with love, Adrian and Yoko


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