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Aldersgate UMC in Mission

Follow along with Aldersgate UMC's mission trip to Angel House Orphanage in Tanzania!

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2023-08-09T21:14:11Z

Headed Home

We awoke at 5am this morning so we could be back in the safari park when the gates opened at 6:30. The big cats are most active in the early morning and we wanted our best chance at spotting some big game. We were lucky enough to catch sightings of lions, elephants, hyenas, and a leopard! It was a chilly but beautiful morning as we watched the sun rise over the Maasai Mara. 

After a quick breakfast we hit the road for Nairobi. On the way we visited a Maasai village and had the opportunity to learn about their culture and even join in some of their traditional dances! Shout out to Stephen for giving the jumping dance a try! The coolest part of the village visit for me was hearing about how they have preserved their culture throughout the years, even with the influx of tourism in their area. 

We continued on to Nairobi and were SO thankful when we reached pavement for the first time in two days! After sitting through a large traffic jam, we finally made it to Nairobi where we met up with Lawrence and Holly Opundo for dinner at this very interesting restaurant called Carnivore. This establishment is a nightmare for vegetarians as the concept is waiters constantly bring to the table all kinds of different meats to carve onto your cast iron plate. We tried everything from chicken and beef ribs to lamb, ostrich meatballs, and even crocodile! After a farewell visit to the Opundo’s, Anderson finished our long journey by dropping us off at the airport. 

Soon we begin our 25 hour journey back home. I think the whole team is ready to be home. We’ve experienced so much and have so many stories to share with you, but we are ready to see our families and sleep in our own beds! As we continue to reflect on our work at Angel House and our cultural experience in Africa, I know that more lessons will reveal themselves. For now, we are leaving this continent with grateful hearts and full stomachs. 

See you all soon,


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