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Alexis Breast Cancer Journey

Hello everyone! I created this site to give current information about my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a great person told me, "this diagnosis does not defin[...] read more

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Posted 2020-02-12T16:48:35Z


Many things have happened since my last post. I got my second drain tube out, which I was incredibly thrilled with. I was having a difficult time healing on my left side incision, so it was debrided and restitched twice now. I go back next week on Wednesday and hope that all is healing well and we can proceed with the next steps.

In the mean time, I did my physical therapy to learn about lymphedema and get the starting measurements of my arm. They do this so that if you ever suspect you have lymphedema they can go back to those original measurements to compare as it may not occur right away, it could occur days, months, years down the road, but does not happen to everyone. PT said that it was unlikely that I would get lymphedema as I only had the sentinel node removed, not multiple of them. That was good to hear.

My oncologist is currently on maternity leave, so I met with her partner and got the okay to get back to my Herceptin and Perjeta treatments. I had to have an echocardiogram done prior to starting treatments again. I had that done and everything came back great, no changes since the last one in November. 

Today was the day I was supposed to start my infusions again, but we are in a lovely blizzard warning, so we are delaying and doing my infusion tomorrow instead. I had my blood work done today and I'm hoping all comes back great.

Overall, all is going well. I am knee deep into the semester of college with 5 classes, one ends this week thankfully, but I am working to continue my education and keep my spirits up. 

As I end every post, I just want to say thank you to everyone. We have had so much support over the last 6 months that it is overwhelming. From meals, help with the kids, house cleaning, laundry, rides to dance, and most especially everyone's emotional support and prayers. We cannot be more thankful and will continue to be forever! 💪🏼🙏🏼❤️

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