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Alexis Breast Cancer Journey

Hello everyone! I created this site to give current information about my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a great person told me, "this diagnosis does not defin[...] read more

Latest journal entry


What a crazy week it has been! From an insanely painful tooth ache, to a filling, to today getting a root canal done. OUCH! So thankful it’s Friday and we plan to have a fun filled weekend with family and friends — it is much needed before my incredibly busy week next week. Ive finally got my PET scan and Echocardiogram scheduled for bright and early Monday morning and in the afternoon I plan to go meet & greet with the chemo nurses in Redwood to help relieve some nerves. Tuesday I follow up with the Oncologist to review the PET and Echo and Wednesday it’s go time! I get my port placed in the morning and then will head upstairs to begin my Chemo treatments. I’ve been given the list of chemo drugs I’ll be getting and it looks like a good 5-6 hours of treatment each time I have chemo — even more thankful now that I get to be right in Redwood! I’m very blessed to have such a wonderful care team that are doing all in their power to make this as convenient for me as they can.


Thanks again, for the continued prayers, love, and kind words! I appreciate it more than you know!! Hope you all have a blessed weekend! ❤️

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