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Jerry Goodman Jerry Goodman

Dear Alexis, thinking about you and your tremendous spirit and courage. Mimi and I are in London with Jesse and Max. I can’t wait to see you at Sara and Chelsea’s wedding.
💚💚💚Jerry 🤗🤗🤗

Alex S. Avitabile Alex S. Avitabile


Be assured of my thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

Alex S. Avitabile

Marc Kustin Marc Kustin

Peace & love to you Alexis.

Charlotte Aiken Charlotte Aiken

Alexis, you and all the members of your wonderful family are doing such an awesome job! You’ve got this! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Love, Charlotte and Jerry

Barry Bondy Barry Bondy

Lexie...I hope this year brings some positive changes in your health...much love!
Barry & Diane

Lisa Talma Lisa Talma

Dear Alexis,
It is a new year and I am hopeful for the positive news that this year will bring you. From the last journal entry, I gather that you've just gone through another round of chemo. I hope you are powering through. I'm sending you strength. Additionally, I look forward to the things you and your family will do this year. Costa Rica in February sounds fabulous! I did that last February and highly recommend. The Nicoya Peninsula is a blue zone!

Barry Bondy Barry Bondy

Hi Lex...hang in there little girl, lots of people sent lots of solid prayers for you..keep up the fight!! Xxoo

Adrian Wander Adrian Wander

HI Alexis,
Our hopes and prayers are with you and your fam. Stay strong!

Love Adrian, Pam, and Kyla

Jerry Goodman Jerry Goodman

Hi Alexis, Your courage and spirit are an inspiration to us. Mimi and I love you and we always have you in our thoughts. We were so happy to see you at your brother’s event.
Much love, Jerry 💚💚💚

Alex S. Avitabile Alex S. Avitabile

Alexis: You are in my prayers and thoughts always.

I wrote a crime fiction novel, entitled Occupational Hazard, which I want to send you. I am sure you will like it. Have someone email me your address and I will send you a signed copy: [email protected] You can check out the book and its backstory at its website:

Miss you and treasure the time we worked together.

Alex S. Avitabile

Barry Bondy Barry Bondy

Hi Lex
We have not seen you since you were a little thing running around the house in Oakland, NJ, causing havoc with your folks.
Your dad and I made great music together, my flute and his magical piano.
Things have changed since that have become a wife, a mom, and CEO of the Kab household. Additionally, the piano man has returned to the area, and again the Bondy and Witek clans, are joined at the hips...
We were very upset to hear the health issues you are experiencing, and we wanted you to know our prayers and support are with you every minute of every day. I instructed the piano man to give you a huge hug and kiss every time he sees you. We love you tons!! I also want you to know there are hundreds of other folks that you don’t know that are sharing our prayers! Julia and Diane also send their love and prayers..
Hope to see you soon, in the meantime here’s a few hugs and kisses xxxooo

Much Love

Seth Werner Seth Werner

Dear Alexis,
I don’t think we’ve met, but Dan and I were friends in high school and college. After learning about your condition, I just wanted to express my sincere hope that you get healthy soon. My mom had a cancer scare years ago and fortunately she received the care she needed that enabled her to beat it. It looks like you are making good progress so I hope it continues. I wish you the speediest of recoveries.
Seth W.

Natasha M Natasha M

Dear Alexis,
Sending you good thoughts, lots of luck and warmest wishes. I am sure you will do great today and am waiting to hear good news soon. All the best!
Warm hugs
Natasha M.

Carrie Munich Carrie Munich

Thinking of you today and sending many prayers to you and your beautiful family. You sound like you are on such a strong optimistic path being guided by the best doctors. Just keep being the strong woman that you are and know you will beat this! Hoping for a quick recovery from your procedure today. Can’t wait to spend some nice outdoor time with the kids once the weather is nicer.
Love Carrie

Cortney Deshaies Cortney Deshaies

You are forever in my heart. How the years go by. Please know there are so many of us routing for you. Keep on fighting. Just like Megan, we lost touch but I would love to reconnect. You are a rare gem of love and hope in this world. I'm looking forward to seeing that next post you are beating this.