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Updating you on the health adventures of Alex Watts, as he journeys through the uncharted waters of bowel cancer and chemotherapy.

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Posted 2020-01-16T03:22:29Z

The Next Step Forward

Hi All,

Another update here.  Had a really good meeting with my very good oncologist, Dad and Xavier yesterday.  The results from the scan were very encouraging, and I'm out of immediate danger.  The previous scan was taken when I was very unhealthy due to all the junk clogged up in my system due to the cancer blockage in my bowels.  All my various organs have recovered and are now doing well - so there are answers to prayer all over the place.  I could still put on a few kilograms and gain a bit more muscle back, but I'm largely back to a healthy 'normal.'

We've decided to stop further chemo from now due to the increasing intensity of the side effects and see what happens over the next few months before my next scan.

I guess the question is, am I out of the woods yet?  The simple answer is "No, but I'm headed in the right direction."  Will future chemotherapy be necessary?  Possibly, but hopefully not.  Continuing prayer is still a part of that equation. 

I have two contacts who treated cancer successfully (for over 20 years) with diet and vitamins alone.  The lessons they have learned I plan to integrate as well.  So, I'll be switching over to a plant based diet during this time and adjusting my vitamin intake.  People still don't know what causes cancer, but diet is one factor and stress is another, so I will be continuing to address those two factors to make sure that once it's gone, it doesn't come back.

I still look forward to the day I'll be able to eat a hamburger in peace, God willing!

God bless, and thanks,


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