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Updating you on the health adventures of Alex Watts, as he journeys through the uncharted waters of bowel cancer and chemotherapy.

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Posted 2020-03-29T02:12:01Z

Locked down, Looking Up!

Hi All,

Hope you're all surviving and thriving in whatever lock down situation you've found yourself in.  I'm staying in Featherston with my family.  It's really nice to have family time together as it was a bit more scarce during treatment.  We all have lots of work to do, so perhaps the biggest adjustment for me is being in what seems like a busy office environment after 11 years of being self employed, 7 of them quietly working from home alone.  I'm sure I'll get used to it - and it may become a perfect bridge for me back into normal office work - but right now I'm in culture shock!

Some good news re post chemo recovery: my hair now feels shiny again, after months of being rather thin, hard and lifeless.  It probably still lacks what I believe the industry refers to as "body," however at this rate I'll be ready for my own post lock down hair commercial complete with shiny, flowing locks.  Especially if I don't get to see a barber for a while!

My skin still has a little way to go - it feels normal but is still rather thin - and I have quite a few tiny cuts on my hands from when they've bumped into things.  Minor problems though :)  My Sister in law pointed out what a good thing it was that chemo stopped when it did.  If it had kept going I would likely now be a physical and emotional wreck; super vulnerable to any and every disease going.  So, God is good, and He does order our steps whether we see it initially or not!

Everybody is putting in their two cents of advice on Covid-19, so I thought I would add mine to the pile.  The most helpful key I discovered on my chemotherapy journey has been thankfulness; it truly unlocks the door to a world more wonderful than I initially would have believed.  And, if you can make it to praise then things get even better.  Sometimes you have to persevere for quite a while before the "door swings wide" though.

I still have to work at thankfulness daily, but, it's worth it!  Just like your lives are too.

Thanks once again for joining me on this journey,


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