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Alissa's Journey

Alissa's journey

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Sad day...

Alissa passed away this morning around 2am Tucson time. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get to some of you with individual messages or calls today before sending out a broader email or post. It really speaks volumes to how much Alissa meant to so many people, and she knew that in the days and weeks leading up to her death. We read her every message, text, card, and Facebook post from all of you, and she left this earth surrounded by all of our love. Adam and I were there with Russell, who held her hand and caressed her hair. During the last few minutes, she was removed from the machines and given something to help her be that much more comfortable, and she passed very quickly. She had been fairly non-responsive and losing oxygen saturation for several hours before. While we had really been hoping to make it to morning for the liver biopsy, ultimately, her lungs filled with fluid yesterday afternoon, and they did all they could without putting her back on the ventilator, which she expressed after the last time to never want to go through again. She fought so hard these last 6 weeks, but in recent days, all of the treatments and interventions were getting to be too much, and she was tired, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Alissa fought the good fight. More of a fight than most people have to fight in a lifetime, in only 33 short years. We are comforted knowing that she and my mom are together, with all of their fur babies that preceded them, and most likely eating at the Taco Bell and shopping at the Big Lots in the great beyond.

We will be in touch soon with information on time and place (likely Denver and Shreveport around the holidays) and how you can help us create a sweet sendoff for Alissa.

I cannot express how much love and support we felt these last weeks. Thank you all for the texts, messages, emails, kindness, and generosity that we will never be able to full repay.