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For the Friends and Family who want to know and care about John's well being, on his Journey with ALS

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Our Story - Our Journey Part2

A shout out to Cincinnati Bell, where John is employed. They were all asking what they could do, so John organized a yard work day at our house. We needed to get it ready to be put on the market to sell. We thought we would have about 20 people show up..... So with our friends Dave Garnder and Pat Doll organizing the work, a huge group from Cincinnati Bell, friends and family showed up to help.... 65 people in total! Are you kidding me, 65 people showed up to help us, to show us love!  No doubt, we felt the love! Our yard has never looked better!

April 6-2019: #CoffaroStrong WorkDay

We had 5 huge Ash Trees taken down behind our house and we had a large crew cutting into firewood size lengths, thanks Brian Riestenberg for bringing the Stihl showroom to the party to make the task much easier. My buddy Kevin for bringing  Cameilo to drop the trees safely to the ground. We had a Bobcat donated by the Ed & Steve Kurtzhauls to haul the wood up the hill to a log splitting area on the private drive. That went on literally all day and we hauled out four full flat bed trailers of split wood, all the while we had an all day burn off of all the little limbs and debree. Simultaneously we had a crew working on a 75 foot x 6 feet high retaining wall back behind the house. We doug a new trench, leveled the base, put in proper drainage tile, wheeled 24 tons of gravel from the driveway to back fill the wall, as we stacked the landscape blocks. A lot of heavy lifting and a Herculean effort for sure.

We had a third crew who landscaped and de-cluttered the yard. Edging the beds, mulching, trimming bushes, weed whipping the hill and trimming the ivy wall. We even had Charlie B paint the basketball hoop and all this between 9:00am and 6pm on Saturday. Our friends Mark, and Richard provided sandwiches and fruit from BFM, the best darn butcher shop in the land, to feed our awesome volunteers. Many other friends, too many to mention provided drinks, cookies and snacks

The new owners, whoever you are, a lot of love and hard work went into this! Another blessing!  Thank you to all the Cincinnati Bell faithful, our friends and family. WE GIVE THANKS!

We are in such unfamiliar waters with this darn disease, but we pray unceasingly to the Great Provider who provides everything that we need and man did he shower us with Love. All who joined us for work day are answered prayers and so it was truly a Godly day. You are all our Guardian Angels who genuinely swooped in to help a brother in need. I will never forget your kindness...

All Love Shines!!





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