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Posted 2019-08-21T18:09:38Z

Al and Mako 2 years ago.

First off, thank you for your interest in learning of Al's struggles and sending messages and encouragement. 

Thank you too -- and Al thanks you -- to all those who visited him. 

Not much has happened since I last posted. Al is stable, no pain but a bit spacey. He forgets things, can't quite find words, and seems a bit unable or unwilling to do much talking. The staff where is take great care of him and I go most days with his McDonald Senior (very specific request) coffee. I take the newspaper but it is a struggle for him to turn the pages and am not even sure he reads it -- maybe just looks at headlines. Tried reading it to him but he didn't want that. He does not have an attention span to deal with. 


Hospice is set up and I think running smoothly now. The staff is lovely and caring but it is a business. I had been told that not all hospice companies are equal so was a bit hovering. Think it's going well now. They even asked if he'd like someone/ a volunteer to visit.  That is happening and he seems to like that. 


Another issue with his shaky hands and cognitive condition -- he ended up charging almost $300 in on-demand fees of the B&C's cable (it ws kind of funny except for the $$$). He wasn't watching the shows but  just punching the button on the remote over and over. So -- had to take the cable remote away. The TV is a smart tv and we have amazon Prime and Netflicks. There is still plenty for him to watch. He messes it up and every time I go must fix but that's a little thing and keeps him happy. 

A coupe friends suggested I include some life stories in these posts so I will begin sharing  a few with you. Please feel free to share with us too. Al would live to hear your remembrances. 


Again, thank everyone of you for your support. 

Remember --live every day to it fullest!


Sandy L

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