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Posted 2019-12-11T19:33:57Z

The latest on Al ---

Hello Everybody…
Hope this finds you and yours enjoying the smells, tastes, and sights of the holidays.
I just wanted to share a bit of Al’s days with you.
Not much has changed since the last time I wrote but this is a time when we think of each other so was reminded that it is time for an update.
I visit Al daily and take him coffee – a Senior McDonalds is his favorite ... and a treat… usually cookies. He is wanting sweets these days. That was never the case in the past. He used to make fun of me for eating all the chocolate and be sure there was plenty on hand for me to eat even though I’d beg him not too --- it’s too hard not to eat chocolate if it’s around. Now the sweet tooth has moved to him which I am more than happy to indulge.
I still take him his LA Times every day. It is very difficult for him to turn pages and manage holding the paper. I read his favorite cartoons to him, I think he can only read the headlines and look at the pictures now. His hands shake badly so I think he likes the paper to hold onto and steady his hands. Am fairly sure he does not read it. Al watches almost anything playing on tv. I generally find him some good series he can watch but not sure how much he can concentrate.
Al doesn’t sit up in bed anymore. We prop him up a little for a while but that hurts his neck after a time, and he asks to be moved back down. His feet must remain propped up not touching anything. He cannot feel if they do touch something and is prone to ulcers on his feet.  
The people taking care of him are wonderful. He enjoys them and they truly like him. He Hospice nurse is the best. She is young and caring. She grew up in the area and even went to Los Al High School. Though younger than our kids, we have things in common to talk about. That is really great for Al.
I am attaching a couple Christmas photos from 1968 – We were still in Hawaii. That year was the first year we were both off work for Christmas, so we set up a little Charlie Brown tree. It was an adventure buying a Christmas tree in Hawaii … they would bring in a load from the mainland and you’d better be there to get one or there would only be the scrawny ones left if that. No last-minute tree hunting. The other picture is of Al taken at his new job setting up and managing a cafeteria at Sears Ala Moana shopping center. It was a new concept for the company and would be their biggest unit. He loved that job and the people who worked for him.  
I know Al misses all of you ---
Please have a Happy Holiday and share the adventures and joys with your families.
Thank you for caring.

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