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A quick update on the 3 week mark of my surgery

Things are going well!  I’m quite mobile and, for the most part, can get up from a lounging position by myself.  I’ve been able to put my own socks on for about a week now.  The things we take for granted.  Last Monday, I was ok’d by the surgeons to do daily household things and, as well, drive. I still need to be careful to not engage my abs much at all, so, for example, no deep scrubbing at home and no quick turns in the car. I still have some numbness in my lower abdomen below my navel but the expectation is that the feeling will come back.  Things within my midsection are, for lack of a better word, “pulling” as all of the layers re-connect.  I feel it most when I sit and stand up straight.  This is a positive and lets me know the healing process is in full swing!  I can bend over now more than before but do need to be careful still – which absolutely makes sense.  The only thing that causes any amount of pain is coughing which still makes me feel like I’m pulling out stitches (though, technically, I was glued and stapled, not stitched). A pillow firmly tucked into the abdomen as I cough helps.  Overall, I feel like I’m doing really well!  As long as I continue to take it easy, I do well.  As I start to feel better, I need to  continue to remind myself to not overdo. Just because I can do something a bit more than last week doesn’t mean I can do it like I could before the surgery. Luckily, my body also reminds me of this anytime I get a bit overzealous, so that’s good!

My only concern (of sorts) is how quickly will I be able to get back into my normal activities, get back to where I was pre-surgery and then train up from there. I wouldn’t even have this concern but for BAM, a 4 day bike event coming up August 9-12. It’s 60-70 miles a day in the Iron Range area of MN which means some hills I need to train for.  I’d like to be fully ready for that, but the world will not end if I’m slower or don’t have quite the endurance I normally would.  It’s going to be such a pretty ride, I want to see it all. I know it’ll work out one way or another!

I have my next meeting with the surgeons on 4/30. At that time, they should give me my ok to go back to work on 5/7 and, at that time, I can ask them about how quickly I can build up my biking.

That’s all for now.

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