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Posted 2018-05-02T17:55:50Z

Good news, not as good news, fabulous Shahar update, and a belly button lift :-)

Thought I’d share an update.  I saw the Resident and Surgeon Monday afternoon.

The good news: They let me know that I’m healing well and on track.  They gave me the go ahead to return to work on Mon, 5/7, so no more lounging around in my smoking jacket eating bon-bons for me after this week! I’m looking forward to getting back though I’ll admit, I’ve gotten rather used to having free day upon free day.  I thought I might get bored or go stir crazy but I absolutely didn’t. Over the last week, I’ve been able to do more including longer walks, more house things and some light yard work.  I’m feeling really good!

The not as good news.  The Resident and Surgeon both laughed about me doing BAM this August because of the endurance needed in such a short time frame (just over 3 months). The Resident was especially concerned about the hills (BAM will be in the Iron Range this year) due to the core work that goes into getting up them.  They did let me know that I can start doing very short bike rides on flat surfaces now (yay!) and that I can slowly train up but that I can’t push myself. They overtly threatened hernias and explained that my body is continuing to heal and adjust itself and will be for the next 6 months. So, with that, I’m going to see what my options are to be a part of the event - whether partial day rides or volunteering as a driver or we'll see!  I will participate in BAM this year but in just a little different format and I'm super good with that!

Shahar update – Great News: On 4/25, Amanda posted on their update site that “Shahar is doing very well and feeling good.” His “antibodies are down (this means his body is not trying as hard to fight off the foreign object, aka the new kidney)” and that he’s going to have his dialysis tube removed this Friday which means “things are going smoothly in his recovery and he doesn’t need dialysis as a back-up plan!”   This is such awesome news!!

And, finally, here is a picture of my incision at the 4 week mark (and a before picture for comparison).  You see the main incision and 2 of the laparoscopic incisions (one above the large incision and one lower and to the lower right.  The 3rd is on my right side just slightly above the line of my navel. Dr. Kataswami, the surgeon, said he prefers to make the main incision below the belly button but because I have such a long torso, they needed to move it up a bit so they didn’t need to insert an arm so far into my abdomen (which would have also made the incision larger) to grab the kidney.  I think my belly button is actually smaller now.  As well, when I removed my navel ring a number of years ago, the upper inside portion of my belly button had gained extra skin from so many years with the ring in it (the ring was really deep).  It certainly never bothered me but I noticed it’s now gone.  I had a little belly button reconstruction free of charge – lol.

Hope you're all enjoying spring!

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