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Posted 2019-01-31T03:47:40Z

It was a great day!

Today was a mostly great day,  I got up took the kids to school, came home worked for 5 hours, went and picked the kids up from school, made dinner and now I am sitting down to write this.  I think sometimes I over do what I think I can and should do. Tonight I am suffering from my day a little bit.  at about 6 tonight I started with a massive headache.  This happens quite often these days.  This is also something I will talk with the doctor about tomorrow but I think it's due to me over doing what I think I can and what I should be doing.  [...]

Posted 2019-01-30T03:27:00Z

Scan Day!!

Today was scan day.  I woke up bright and early to be there for 8:45.  My nerves were on high alert to say the least.  My good friend Aubrey brought me today.  This was a good thing because she always keeps me laughing.  We checked in and went back to the CT waiting area where I had to change into a gown.  Of course Aubrey laughed at me walking out in my sexy hospital gown.  First up was the CT.  The machine at IMC is super nice, way nicer than the one I had my first CT at.  The CT took about 10 minutes, so it was super quick.  Next up the MRI.  They had me wait like 30 minutes before they started an IV on me in the waiting room, then took me back to have the actual MRI done.  Ok guys this MRI room was like nothing I have ever seen before.  First off I felt like I was walking into an aquarium.  The walls were lit with blue light and it had a huge screen on the ceiling with fish floating around.  The music playing was just like you were in a aquarium.  Oh and the machine, it wasn't the big long tube that use to be.  It is wider and opened on either side.  I got in that machine and fell asleep!  haha I took a nice little nap.  They then took me out shot some contrast in me and sent me back in for another 10 minutes...again fell asleep.  Before I knew it that was done.  [...]

Posted 2019-01-28T01:51:00Z

Dinner with friends

Not a lot of new stuff to update today.  I slept most of the day which is always a good thing.  We then went over to some friends house and had an amazing dinner of king crab legs, burgers, potatoes, salad, and finished it all off with brownies.  I am definately full!  [...]

Posted 2019-01-27T00:08:38Z

Day after a long week

Night hydration is officially done for this round,  Woohoo!!!  This is a small victory but one of those things I absolutely hate.  Having to hook myself up to an IV every night for these 5 nights is hard, I do not get much sleep because of having to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes but I also know it is a necessary thing.  The night hydration makes sure that I am flushing out my system enough and the meds do not sit in bladder because this can cause irritation and other bad things.  I will take going to the bathroom every 5 minutes over that.  In the IV they also give me potassium and magnesium to make sure those levels stay at a healthy level during all the fluid push they do through this regimen.  [...]

Posted 2019-01-26T02:23:00Z

Round 6 is in the books.

Today was an interesting day.  I got to the infusion center at 8:30 this morning.  They tested my pH and determined I needed an extra bag of Sodium Bicarbonate to bring my pH up before we started the chemo.  I casually mentioned to the nurse that my neck looked swollen, kind of how it looked when I had the blood clot.  She called over to the doctors office to have an ultrasound scheduled.  Oh awesome one more thing but...better safe than sorry right?  Anyhoo so we continue with treatment, I get all my meds and head down to the heart center to have the ultrasound done.  [...]

Posted 2019-01-24T22:11:00Z

Round 6 day 4

Today was a good day!  My pH came back good which meant no extra fluid needed.  I also lost 6 lbs from yesterday to today so a little bit of relief there.  I had one of my favorite nurses today and we sped right along with treatment. I was in and out of there in record time!   [...]