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Posted 2019-01-29T05:28:04Z

Night before scans

Well tomorrow is the day we scan again and determine how things are going along with next steps.  Do I need radiation? Do I need surgery? Do I need both or neither? Tomorrow is the day.  

I will not have an official game plan until Thursday but tomorrow is the day we scan.  I am so anxious! I never have been so anxious for a test before in my life.  BUT even though in anxious I am also very optimistic that the scans are going to look great!  My biggest challenge right now is going to be not to look before Thursday.  I will have access to them through my patient portal BUT I have done this in the past and it makes waiting harder.  SO I have decided not to look so I won't stress as much.  It will not change the plan, might as well wait right?!?! 

Today was a good day:  took a couple of naps and didnt feel too shabby.  

Today I am thankful for being up and moving around! 

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  • Kay VanEperen
    Kay VanEperen

    We will be thinking of you. So hard not being there with you. Love you.

    one year ago · Reply