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About This Site

Amy's Fight

This website is to keep friends and family up to date on Amy's Celebration of Life plans as they are made, and to be able to send love and support through messages, photos, and donations to Robert and Ava. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

As many of you are aware, Amy is currently in the hospital fighting a very hard fight. She was admitted on Monday January 26th after having flu like symptoms and diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis, which in turn caused her body to go into septic shock on Tuesday night. Sepsis is when an infection within the body reaches the bloodstream. Septic shock is the 3rd stage of sepsis and causes a multitude of problems, with the most serious being severe drops in blood pressure and multi organ failure, which she experienced both in the most extreme sense. The amazing doctors and nurses at Virginia Mason have done everything they can to keep her here with us and give her body time to fight the infection. Amy continues to prove to the doctors and nurses that she's the fighter we all know she is. She is not out of the woods yet, but she has come a long way since Tuesday night.

Please use this website to post messages to Amy, Robert and Ava, upload pictures, or to ask questions. We will do our best to answer them and keep everyone up to date on her condition. You can opt to be alerted as updates are posted through this site. Many of Robert and Amy's friends have asked if they can do anything to help financially, and this website allows donations to be made to them for those who would like to help in that aspect. I've also attached a link to Virginia Mason's "send a card" webpage, where you can have a card sent to Amy free of charge. Her room number is 918. Links for information on dialysis, pancreatic necrosis, and septic shock are on the left side of this page, in case anyone wants to know more of the specifics about her diagnosis and treatment. More links will be added should anything new develop.

We want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers sent her way. This has been a true test of strength and they have undoubtedly helped her through this. Keep them coming!