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Amy Ollom - Journal

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Posted 2015-03-09T15:44:09Z

Thank You!!

Hi Everyone: This is Nancy and Jerry -- Amy's Mom and Dad. Our family would like to take this time to thank all of you for your generous donations, posts, pictures and outpouring of your love and prayers during this most difficult time. It meant the world to us. We would like you to know that part of your donations are helping with the day-to-day expenses for Robert and Ava, and the bulk of the donations are going to Ava's college fund, which was so generously initiated by Karen Snyder and other fellow Kent School District employees. Please know that you are all very special to us and we will never forget your generosity. Each of you have an angel by the name of Amy Michelle Ollom looking over you now and for always.

Posted 2015-02-06T21:21:47Z

Amy's Celebration of Life Invitation & Details

As we started planning Amy's memorial, we decided early on that we wanted it to be a beautiful event full of love, laughter and memories. In order to have the time to make that happen, we realized we needed more time. The date was pushed out to accommodate that. The memorial will take place at The Olson Mansion Barn in Maple Valley on the 21st from noon to 2pm. Light fare and refreshments will be provided.[...]

Posted 2015-01-31T07:55:00Z

Thank You

Thank you everyone. From the bottom of our hearts. Your prayers helped keep Amy fighting so hard, but sadly, this evening God decided he needed another angel beside him. She passed away surrounded by her family, there couldn't have been more love in that room. She kept going far beyond all expectation this week, and we are all so proud of her. Amy was an amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. Everyone who knows her would agree she would light up a room, and was a welcome and much needed ray of sunshine on a cloudy Seattle day. Traits she so generously left us in her beautiful daughter Ava. [...]

Posted 2015-01-30T23:57:24Z

Prayers Needed

As well as Amy was doing yesterday, her condition has unfortunately declined again. She has fluid building up in her belly which is cutting off blood circulation, causing her body temperature to drop to dangerously low levels. She is back on all of the medications and they are doing everything they can to bring her body temp up. She is surrounded by her family and shes fighting so hard. Keep the prayers coming everyone. They are needed now more than ever.

Posted 2015-01-30T07:48:00Z

Great Day!

Amy had an amazing day today. They have scaled her medications back and she is responding extremely well, and they have also scaled her respirator back about 30% and her lung function is great! She was even stable enough to get a CAT scan!! I cannot stress enough to everyone how big of a deal that is.. When she went into septic shock, lactic acid flooded her bloodstream and organs causing multi organ failure. When that happened, the doctors were worried that the acid had possibly damaged her other organs. The only way to find that out is to do a CAT scan, but she was too unstable to move. So this has been a huge concern whether or not her other organs were ok, and as of last night, the doctors told us it would be DAYS until she would be well enough to be scanned. She's continuing to prove them wrong!! She's fighting!! And whats more, her scan came back clear!! No damage done to her other organs!! Her pancreas however did sustain some damage from the pancreatitis, but that was to be expected. They are also hoping to have her off dialysis soon![...]

Posted 2015-01-30T01:00:00Z

Amy's Fight

As many of you are aware, Amy is currently in the hospital fighting a very hard fight. She was admitted on Monday January 26th after having flu like symptoms and diagnosed with severe pancreatitis, which in turn caused her body to go into septic shock on Tuesday night. Sepsis is when an infection within the body reaches the bloodstream. Septic shock is the 3rd stage of sepsis and causes a multitude of problems, with the most serious being severe drops in blood pressure and multi organ failure, which she experienced both in the most extreme sense. The amazing doctors and nurses at Virginia Mason have done everything they can to keep her here with us and give her body time to fight the infection. Amy proved to the doctors and nurses that she's the fighter we all know she is. She has been stable since Wednesday morning and her blood levels are improving. Meaning the acid levels in her blood are coming down and her blood pressure has stabilized. She is currently on dialysis, and they have started slowly backing off on some of her medications. She is not out of the woods yet, but she has come a long way since Tuesday night.[...]