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Andrew Bryant

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places - Ernest Hemingway

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Two Weeks In . . .

We spent just over 12 hours at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance on March 27 for Andrew’s first round of chemotherapy treatment, followed by daily doses of a clinical trial drug, Enzastaurin.  We’ve learned that the first round is usually the worst in terms of side effects (nausea, flu-like symptoms, exhausted, etc.) and Andrew was hit hard for the initial days after treatment.  He started feeling better a couple of days ago and has regained most of his appetite and energy level. You may see him walking around our neighborhood to rebuild strength in his legs and he should be cleared to start swimming at Sand Point again by next week. 

Andrew’s next round of infusions will start on April 16, and we anticipate that we’ll be laying low for a week or so before Jack and Jean head off to Atlanta and the southeast to check out a few schools for Jack.  Speaking of Jack, he has been providing Andrew with a wealth of practical information as our in-house cancer-care consultant:

-When will the hair fall out – In about another week, but then no need to shave every day;

-What foods to eat – Eat whatever you want, except for vegetables, which should be avoided at all costs;

-How long after chemotherapy before you start feeling normal again – You never really feel “normal” and most of the time you feel lousy, but that’s no reason to not get out and live your life.

We want to thank all our family and friends who have rallied around us once again.  The food deliveries, Uber, GrubHub and Amazon gift cards, rides to the hospital, help with pick-ups and drop-offs for the other boys and words of encouragement and support are making this experience survivable.  We couldn’t do this without our great community.

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