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Yin Wang Yin Wang

I made a silly Chinese numbers video for my school. I thought it would be fun for Andy to watch too.

Please Andy, sorry I still remember everyone in their sweet 2nd faces!!

Always love from Auyeung laoshi

Camille Camille

Good morning and Happy Birthdays to the boys! Eating some virtual cake and sending many rainbows to all of you! Court, your words convey so much emotion. I laugh, I cry, I get motivated, I smile. You are all so very special and I am so thankful to be part of the same family with such warriors. You all are, and we learned from (and continue to learn) from the best warriors. My prayers continue that answers are found for Giovanni's college choice and Andy's continued therapies. You are one good mommy and I am sure they let you know that every day. I love you all so much and can't wait for the day we get to see each other again. Much love, Cousin Camille

Yin Wang Yin Wang

Thank you for the updates.

Happy birthday to Andy!

Yes, I totally agree. We can only take one day at a time. Be strong!! You have all of our support and love.

Yordanka Stefanova Yordanka Stefanova

Happy birthday Andy!

Zulema Zulema

Happy birthday Andy! Glad to see you are doing better! Have a wonderful birthday 🎂 God bless you 🙏🏻

Shereé Peterson Shereé Peterson

Andy - you look so grown up in the new pictures - so incredible to hear how far you’ve come! Sophia sent you a birthday text - May all of your wishes come true... happy 13 - you’re a quaranTEENAGER 😂🎉🎂

Silvia Vellon Silvia Vellon

Happy 13th, Andy! Remember to celebrate double when all this is over!!! Sending you virtual hugs! Que Dios te bendiga.

Sharon Cornett Sharon Cornett

Welcome to the teenage years, Andy! Eat cake & celebrate! Happy birthday to you🎂
Love you—Auntie Sharon

Crystal Wisniewski Crystal Wisniewski

Happy 13th birthday Andy!!

Crystal Wisniewski Crystal Wisniewski

Love the updated pics!!!!

Elizabeth Curran Elizabeth Curran

Hi Courtney! Remembering that our bdays are 1 day apart so Happy Bday on the 17th !! So glad you are all back at home now! Keeping you all in prayers for serenity and peace of mind during this time
Of transitions!! Much love Liz

Nan Principe Crockett Nan Principe Crockett

Bravo! Great news. The prayer chain at my church will be happy with this news too! Nan

Pamela Curran Pamela Curran

Andy here is the MN version of climbing Mount Everest at Ice Castles on
Lake Minnetonka with Debbie, Todd, Jack and Charlie (i hope these pics come thru)!

Pamela Curran Pamela Curran

Hi Andy, you are not going to believe what this 55-year-old woman was doing this morning. Well we've had most the most snow in February EVER this year in Minnesota and yes Pamela was out there raking her roof, getting up on a ladder, and having an avalanche of snow fall all around here. You would've laughed like I did. Grandpa Big John would have closed his eyes! Love to you and hope you are getting milkshakes, ice cream, and dare I say a bite of pizza??🍕

Camille Camille

Oh my, look what can happen in a week!! So proud of all of you and the teamwork you show each other. I can't wait for the summer to get here so I can have a visit with you! Maybe we can all take a hike together. Keep up the hard work!! Love, Camille