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Elizabeth Curran Elizabeth Curran

Hi Courtney! Remembering that our bdays are 1 day apart so Happy Bday on the 17th !! So glad you are all back at home now! Keeping you all in prayers for serenity and peace of mind during this time
Of transitions!! Much love Liz

Nan Principe Crockett Nan Principe Crockett

Bravo! Great news. The prayer chain at my church will be happy with this news too! Nan

Pamela Curran Pamela Curran

Andy here is the MN version of climbing Mount Everest at Ice Castles on
Lake Minnetonka with Debbie, Todd, Jack and Charlie (i hope these pics come thru)!

Pamela Curran Pamela Curran

Hi Andy, you are not going to believe what this 55-year-old woman was doing this morning. Well we've had most the most snow in February EVER this year in Minnesota and yes Pamela was out there raking her roof, getting up on a ladder, and having an avalanche of snow fall all around here. You would've laughed like I did. Grandpa Big John would have closed his eyes! Love to you and hope you are getting milkshakes, ice cream, and dare I say a bite of pizza??🍕

Camille Camille

Oh my, look what can happen in a week!! So proud of all of you and the teamwork you show each other. I can't wait for the summer to get here so I can have a visit with you! Maybe we can all take a hike together. Keep up the hard work!! Love, Camille

Susan Curran Susan Curran

Hi Andy!
It is so exciting to hear how well you are doing! Wow - discharge is soon! Yea! We had so much with Giovanni yesterday at the Gopher basketball game. He told me his school swim season starts this Spring and that he's excited. I asked if the pool was nicer than it was here, and he said "Eh, not really." Here's a shot of Gio with us. Your brother was cold! Love Susie

Yin Wang Yin Wang

Thank you for the wonderful news. We will keep praying for recovery!

Crystal Wisniewski Crystal Wisniewski

Keep the good news coming!!!! Way to go Andy!!!! You can do it!!!

Maria Acevedo Maria Acevedo

Hola Andy! I am thankful to God and happy that you are feeling so much better and working hard at getting stronger each day. You and your family are in my heart and prayers every day. Everytime I see a young boy I pay for your full recovery and for you to have the opportunity to tell your story and inspire others. Thank you for giving me the renewed purpose to pray everyday. Que el Señor los bendiga y acompañe a todos.

Elizabeth Curran Elizabeth Curran

Dear Courtney, Debbie and Todd and Jack and Charlie and Pam
And I had dinner with My day tonite. As we sat down to say grace before the meal
We all said hallelujah that Andy is doing soooo much better! We told our fave Andy memories and Dad said he didn’t pray much but he constant would go to sleep visioning “ Courtney walking in and Andy sitting up and saying “ I’m hungry”!!! And we all Know one day you walked I. And said I love you mom!!

We convinced that yes positive visualization is a form
Of praying!!

So get some rest Courtney. A big warm
Hello from Currans and Mcgarity’s on a “ balmy” February day!! ( 25 * and sunny!!)

Peace and love, Liz

Rachel Lunde Brooks Rachel Lunde Brooks

I’m so relieved to hear of the amazing g progress Andy has made and I celebrate with you. I pray for a steady recovery to 100% normal. You are a brave soul and handling all this well. Prayers for strength and peace for you too.
Rache Brooks

Susan Curran Susan Curran

Hi Andy! Hi Giovanni! Hi Courtney!

Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!

Phyllis Cornett Phyllis Cornett

Happy Monday from sunny California to all of you! I’m missing seeing your smiling faces and great hugs today. Keep up the good work - it was amazing to watch the transformation these past few weeks. You are a determined young man, Andy, and it shows in your progress! Giovanni, you are the best! Courtney, you are wonderful and have two equally wonderful sons. 💕💕💕
Much love to you all,

Camille Camille

Good morning to all of you! I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear that you are awake and able to communicate with your family!! I was at the beach yesterday before I had read your Mom's post, and the whole time I was thinking about how nice it will be when you are able to come and visit us on beautiful Pine Island. Keep up the great work (all of you!) and I will continue to send all positive, healing energies your way! Have a great week, Camille

Nan Principe Crockett Nan Principe Crockett

Here she is relaxing on Kauai! Have a great day!