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Posted 2019-03-05T23:48:30Z

2nd Infusion

They gave me a space with a view this time! Roy and I are here in Santa Monica getting my second infusion out of the way. I’m having a little bit of difficulty getting around since my surgery last week but everyday is a little better. Sorry it took me a while to update, those first few days after surgery we’re rough. 

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Comments (10)

  • Yuri

    :( Hang in there love. Take one day at the time. We love you and can't wait to see you.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia

    Hang in the beautiful!!! Sending you positive vibes! Lots of hugs and kisses. Love you cousin

    one year ago · Reply
  • Denise Cross
    Denise Cross

    Hi ANGIE , thanks for the update you are constantly in my daily prayers, asking God to hold you tight and comfort you. Hang in there my tough precious friend. Sending you s Big hug. Love you, Niecy Cross 💕🙏🏽

    one year ago · Reply
  • Luis Frausto
    Luis Frausto

    Hi Angie, Man, that is one sweet view. I'm happy that your surgery wen't well and you're on your way to recovery. I hope to see you guys this weekend, and hang out with the fam. Love you guys.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Heather Hilario
    Heather Hilario

    Glad you are feeling better & getting stronger each day friend! I LOVE you sooo much and miss your contagious laughter! XOXOXO

    one year ago · Reply
  • Diana Silva
    Diana Silva

    Nice view! Is that the ocean in the background 😃? I’m glad you’re getting better each day. Soon you will be fully recovered. Always in my thoughts, love you cousin 😘

    one year ago · Reply
    • Angelica Frausto
      Angelica Frausto

      It is the ocean in the background, it makes it easier for me to do these infusions 🙂

      one year ago · Reply
  • Laura Sciortino
    Laura Sciortino

    Sangie!!! Praying my daily Rosary for you. May Our Blessed Mother hold you in Her arms while you go through treatments. Praying for strength! Love you girlie girl!! 💖💕💖💕💖💕

    one year ago · Reply
  • Jackie Quiroz
    Jackie Quiroz

    You're so brave Angie, keep going! This international women's day definitely goes out to you! The perfect example of courage and strength!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Jennifer Mendoza
    Jennifer Mendoza

    I Love you sooooo much Angie ❤️ I’m here for you always!

    one year ago · Reply