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Posted 2016-04-14T16:28:20Z

Chemo #15 ( If you're keeping track, I lost count again and got ahead.)

So I've had another roller coaster week. Dr. Taha is out of town, but he decided to go ahead and schedule a couple of MRI's that my last PET Scan suggested. The first one of my arm (where the tumor was removed this time last year) because I've been experiencing some pain and discomfort in it lately. He also ordered an MRI of my pelvis to rule out a couple of questionable cists. The good news is upon reading the reports, we found out the results for ourselves. (I'm not good at waiting a week for Dr. Taha to get back to read me the report.) The report showed that the cists are nothing to cause concern. My arm has some fluid around where the tumor was removed that may be causing the pain. We'll have to wait for Dr. Taha to return to tell us what, if anything they'll do about my arm.
But y'all know with me, I can't do anything simple. I have to add drama, thus my roller-coaster journey. I visited my dermatologist for a routine visit. I pointed out a small bump on my cheek where the face tumor was removed last year. He did a biopsy of the bump, and yes you guessed it, it tested positive for Sebaceous cell carcinoma. Now I have an appointment with Dr. Taha and an ENT surgeon at CTCA for next Wednesday.
I don't look forward to another surgery, but I didn't fall apart with this news even though this is my 5th occurrence in 2 years. I believe my ability to handle this latest news relatively calmly, is totally a result of my prayer warriors. I know I'm being lifted up daily to our precious Savior and He is in control. He's brought me through a lot, and through it all, I have been blessed by the prayers of so many people. I believe God is teaching me, as well as you, how much He desires to communicate with His people. Please pray that this little bump will be an easy fix. I believe it will be, because, in case you've forgotten, God is Greater!

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