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Dutch Hodges Dutch Hodges

Sleep dear Annie, with stardust I. Your eyes. An angels lullabye from all of us who love you. Dutch, will And Kathryn Hodges

Dutch Hodges Dutch Hodges

Sleep deat Annie, with stardust in your eyes, an angel’s lullaby from all of us who love you dearly.
Dutch, Kathryn , Will Hodges

Toni Zurcher Toni Zurcher

Emily I look forward to seeing you and giving you a huge hug. I am so sorry for your did a wonderful job taking care....I am so happy and feel more at peace knowing you were there. I can imagine the love flowing, echoes of laughter and beautiful will keep those moments close to your heart always. I am sending a tremendous amount of love....what an incredible person you are, so glad you are here! xxoo Toni

Kata Kata

Travel free, travel in LOVE and LIGHT dear Annie!

Lara Whitley Lara Whitley

Imagining you, on the wings of an owl, on the wings of love, soaring over Lenado. I see your dark green feather headdress, reflecting the light. Be free my friend.

Jenn Voorhees Jenn Voorhees

We love you much love to you Emily and August....🦋💗

Beth Provo-Hanlen Beth Provo-Hanlen

Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of your love, light, and spirit that you so generously give to everyone that comes across your path. Sending you strength today and every day.

Heather Meyer Heather Meyer

Dear Annie,
What a funny day...laundry, dishes, trash run, grocery shop and the like. Trying to prepare for tomorrow, but one thing remains. You!
I keep thinking of you. As I look out my windows, I see the sparkle coming off the snow. You are like that sparkle who has warmed many hearts and lives. A true gift to our world.
I know I will see your spirit dancing in all of Nature's glory well beyond our time together. And as an extra reminder of you, I will plant rosemary whose fragrance will delight all who pass it in the garden. I will do this planting until I can no longer garden.
Our sun is getting ready to set. I still need to complete today's tasks.
Sending you my love, ever so quietly,

Claire McDougall Claire McDougall

Dear Annie, holding you in our hearts. We’re available if you need anything.
With much love, the McDougall Jones Clan

Kate Weese Kate Weese

I treasure all that we’ve shared over these many decades Annie - you are a treasure.

Laura Delano Laura Delano

Dearest Annie...sending you love forever and gentle hugs from NYC. And to you too, Emily and August...Love forever and ever.
Laura & Bob and all the Delanos, here on earth and in realms beyond.

Elizabeth Boyles Elizabeth Boyles

Loving, Giving, Thoughtful, Beautiful Annie
You are the morning and evening star;
Guiding so many of us with your brilliance,
Your radiance, your steadfast light and your laughter.

Please know how many people you have inspired
To our innermost cores, fully, and completely
With your granite strength and your compassionate heart.
Do you know how often your soft, gentle wisdom
Has carried me through hard moments?
How many young seedlings and emerging beings you have nurtured?
You have imbued in all of us awe for the wild magic
Of Nature’s creations and serendipitous delights.

When I watch the river bending and sparkling reflected sunlight
When I see Venus shimmering against a pale crepuscular sky
I will know that you are replenishing our spirits with joy.
We are filled with love for you, Annie, and we will carry your love forward


Heather Meyer Heather Meyer

Dear Annie,
I'm thinking of you on this wintery, snowy day. A few days ago, I picked some rhododendron branches. They are softly opening giving tenderness & joy. Just like you, my dear.
Happy day.

Kristi Hoofnagle Kristi Hoofnagle

Sending a big hus and keeping tou close at heart each and everyday.