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Posted 2014-09-21T18:48:22Z

Chemo (1 of 4 complete)

I have been slacking on the updates.....She started chemo this week. We were Hoping for the best while anticipating the worst! I truely believe God was gracious. While she was neausous, she was able to eat and keep food down. The fluid  goal is still tough, but she is trying. They warned of bone pain, which she is experiencing today. It is extreme, bad enough to bring her to tears. We got her medicated quickly to provide some relief. It scares me to think what would happen if she was by herself. [...]

Posted 2014-08-26T01:52:23Z

Surgery follow up visit

For those who didn't see her FB post earlier, she got her drains taken out today!!! That is huge as it was suppose to be 10-14 days and today is the 6th day. I believe the woman is a walking miracle. Tomorrow she will venture out to my Mother in law's house for my husband's bday dinner![...]

Posted 2014-08-23T16:24:58Z

Adjusting well!

Getting bathing down and Chris has hair washing together. Chris is now my hair stylist. Good job! Thank you daughter. I am doing better, needing less pain meds. Not winning any races, but trying to get stronger. Thank you for your prayers,I do feel them and your love you send. It makes me feel better.I am blessed to be surrounded by family and my family through Jesus, I love you all. Our door is always open to anyone to come visit.[...]

Posted 2014-08-21T01:21:51Z

Going home!

Its been a quiet day, but she hasn't rested much. The Dr is letting her go home, since she has been able to get up/around and is eating well (for hospital food). Luckily they had her favorite for dinner, roasted turkey and stuffing....[...]

Posted 2014-08-19T22:44:50Z

Post Op

Lots of good news to share! The surgery was a huge other cancer found. The surgeon stated that she is much younger than her actual age, which we all know, right?!?! No complications, but she is blue, like a smurf, due to the lympnode dye. She is still in recovery and will be out of it most of the night. When she comes to  I will be sure to read her all of your encouraging posts! Thank you everyone for your prayes today, they were answered!!![...]

Posted 2014-08-19T19:59:41Z

Mid Surgery

I have a GREAT update! They are finished with the side with the tumor, the lymphnode tested negative for cancer, yeah!! Small disclaimer that more testing will be done in the next week to be absolutely sure. I will accept this Victory for today! They are starting the other side now, so another 2 hours to go.....[...]