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Audrey Grace Tomore - Journal

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Posted 2019-12-14T14:32:18Z

Recovery - Day 3

With all the progress Audrey had yesterday last night was on course to be uneventful.  Last night was very uneventful.  We didn't get much sleep last night, if any.  Audrey must have been confused thinking it was day time.  Needless to say, she seems to have plenty of energy for Mama this morning and I am wore out.[...]

Posted 2019-12-13T13:25:16Z

Recovery - Day 2

Lee said my posts always have a positive start.  So this morning I am mixing it up.  My oatmeal was not that great this morning, I thought it was banana bread and it ended up being honey & almond.  I was really disappointed. Moving on...[...]

Posted 2019-12-13T00:23:58Z

Recovery - Day 1 Update

Audrey has done amazing today in her recovery.  They were able to wean her flow of oxygen to her nose cannula.  The oxygen flow is now at a level that she is allowed to receive meds/liquids orally.  We will continue to work on this tonight and into tomorrow. They have cut her dosage of presidex to half of what it was this morning.  Even with this reduction she has only needed two dosages of morphine to help with the pain.  She has recently taken a small dosage of Tylenol orally to help with her discomfort.  With the overall reduction of meds she has become a little more like herself.  The nurses have quickly learned that she is quite agile with those little toes and can grab almost anything if you don't keep an eye on her.[...]

Posted 2019-12-12T13:48:30Z

Recovery - Day 1

Yesterday evening they decided they were going to wait a little while to remove the breathing tube.  With that delay they had to reset the tube a tad bit deeper.  They also installed an NG tube to provide some oral meds and allow her belly to vent from the ventilator.[...]

Posted 2019-12-11T21:04:00Z

Surgery Day - Update 4

Audrey has made it to her recovery room.  The hospital was nice enough to make us feel at home and placed her in the identical room she was in last time.  Which is great because we have such fond memories of it. **Insert sarcasm here**[...]

Posted 2019-12-11T18:20:17Z

Surgery Day - Update 3

Just saw Dr. Bleiweis.  He said that the surgery went really smooth.  Said the her heart function looked great and her valve function was doing really well since her last surgery.  He hopes that with the LVOTO removed the slight valve leakage she was having may improve.  He is going to ask for them to try to remove the breathing tube before they bring her upstairs.[...]