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Austins Updates and Progress Page

In an effort to keep everyone up to date on what is going on with Austin we thought it would be easier to post one time instead of having to post in numerous places. We [...]

Latest journal entry

Good morning

Austin has had a bit of a setback. He's had some skin breakdown on his backside where his skin was stretched before the skin grafts. He's back to more tummy time for 2-3 weeks to let his skin heal up. In the meantime he won't be able to sit in a traditional wheelchair or lay on his back. He is still able to use his prone cart, a wheel chair he lays on his stomach to use that also tilts to put him upright into a standing position. Austin is able to do this twice a day.  He still has therapy in the morning and afternoon as long as there is no friction on his backside.  During therapy yesterday, Austin hit a huge milestone and was able to support himself on his hands and knees. So even with his setback, he's still making progress! 


Thanks for everthing