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Baby Beckstrom Watch

We are keeping an eye on the Beckstrom clan and updating information on the arrival of baby Beckstrom.

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Posted 2015-06-14T17:13:13Z

Friday's Ultrasound

Sam and Jarrod had an ultra sound  this past Friday and got a sneak peak at their sweet baby girl.  She is measuring right on, which is fabulous news and weighed in at a whopping 1lb. 1oz.  Due to the tear the amniotic fluid is always in flux and measured less than 4oz. this time.  In a normal situation you should have about 20oz. but the doctors reassure that everything is going well.  Lung development occurs between 18-22 weeks and baby beckstrom was close to 22 weeks when this happened and doctors feel that she is doing great!

Sam is feeling good and enjoying the last day with her mom.  Shiela will fly home Monday morning and Nancy will then stay with her while she is home and still on bed rest.

Jarrod's employer has been amazing giving him time to be with his family and balance his work schedule.

I know Sam and Jarrod would love a note, a postcard, or words of encouragement from any and all of you.

Here is their address:

333 W Strasburg Way  Mustang, OK 73064


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